Ürphea (우르파) is the third continent of the Witch Spring world that is under the jurisdiction of the King of Vavelia, along with the continents of Vavelia and Derkarr. Of the three continents, it is furthest away from Vavelia, where the Pope resided, and it is thus suspected by Justice to be the least affected by the Spring War. In fact, the Pope only visited the continent once, at the beginning of his rise to power, and never visited again.

In the post-game of Witch Spring 3, Justice travels with Pieberry to Derkarr to meet Esther regarding the disappearance of Shubethian merchants who went to Ürphea. Under the Pope's rule, news about their disappearance was silenced, but an investigation team sent there by King Rafaelo after the Pope's death similarly disappeared. Suspicious about what lay in Ürphea that caused even the Pope to leave them alone, Justice decides that he and Pieberry should scout the area.

Like the other continents, Ürphea seems to have deities. Pieberry later tells Black Joe that her mother learned the ugly-bird magic trapping him in his form from a deity in Ürphea. Whether this is actually true, or something she made up to convince him to let her go there, has yet to be seen. (But it's Witch Spring. There's going to be deities and you know it.)