The Ancient Dragons are a race of dragons in the world of Witch Spring that are capable of speaking human language and, in some cases, even taking on human-like form. They largely reside on the continent of Derkarr and are enemies in Witch Spring 3, with only one known exception.


In their dragon form, the Ancient Dragons have scaly, dark gray bodies. They are large in size, easily reaching the size of a castle. Especially old Ancient Dragons may become too large to fit even in the Dragon Valley, where they usually reside.

Only two Ancient Dragons have been seen in human form, Monnet and Jude. Jude, however, received power from the deity Aramute and has the appearance of a deity rather than that of an Ancient Dragon. Monnet's human form still has dark gray skin, causing her to be mistaken for a deity by some.


Known Ancient DragonsEdit

  • Monnet
  • Jude (technically no longer part of the clan due to receiving Aramute's power)


HP Magic Power Strength
81200 0 512
Agility Physical Defense Magical Defense
25 310 181
An Adult Ancient Dragon. It has a strong sense of reason and a deep sympathy, and it is at the highest rank among dragons by strength.

When you fight the Ancient Dragon in the Village of Ziv, it has 13800 HP. After it moves to the Village of Lehert, it only has 7720 HP.


  • Black Claw of Ancient Dragon
    • Used to craft:
    • Also used for the "Khan Za'rrel" optional sidequest
    • Sells for:
  • +400 Vitality