The Angry Boar is a recurring enemy in the Witch Spring games.

In the first and second games, it can also be turned into a Pet for the witches to ride on. Eirudy's Boar Doll was created by her Grandmother using the fur of an Angry Boar.

Witch SpringEdit

Witch Spring 2Edit

HP Strength Magic Power Agility
100 15 0 4
Physical Defense Magical Defense Become Pet Location
0 0 Yes Mt. Kentz
An angry Boar that lives on Mt. Kentz. Capture and ride on him to move faster and get Defense increased by (2 + 10% of overall Defense).

The Angry Boar is fought in a storyline event in Chapter 1 and captured by Luna after its defeat. It is one of two storyline-acquired pets, the other being Black Joe. It will be the fastest mount Luna acquires unless she acquires Lucca starting in Chapter 4 or beyond.

Witch Spring 3Edit