Aramute is a minor character in Witch Spring and a supporting character in Witch Spring 2. He is the leader of the deities in Vavelia. Jude was his secretary and Guardian Animal, and Luna his apprentice before the start of the Spring War, where he was supposedly killed.


Long before the main story, Aramute made the Ancient Dragon Jude his guardian animal and bestowed some of his power to the dragon. This gave Jude the ability to take on a deity's appearance, as well as a magical energy closely resembling Aramute's. Aramute was aware of what Jude would do, but chose to let events run their course to serve as a lesson to the humans of that generation.

At some point, Ludina lost control of herself and destroyed her village. She decided to seal herself away in penance, and asked Aramute to raise her daughter Luna in her stead. While Aramute had Luna raised by a human mother, he made her his apprentice. Shortly before the start of the Spring War, Aramute found Lucia wandering the town, and took her to visit Vavelia Village before Black Joe took her back to her mother.

Jude, believing that the deities drew their power from the Springs, persuaded the Pope to begin the Spring War. At the same time, he hatched a plot in the nearby continent of Derkarr that gave the Vavelian deities an excuse to send away their strongest guardian animal, the Maegrik Dragon Temar. With Temar gone, Jude and the humans slew the Temple Lords and forced the remaining deities into hiding.

During the events of Witch Spring 2, Luna mistakes Crown (who was Jude in disguise) for Aramute. She finds out the deception when Crown lures her into the Pope's Castle and drains her magic power.

After defeating the Pope and Jude, Pieberry manages to get to the crystal in the castle in time to revive the four Temple Lords, Aramute included. Before confronting Jude, he saves Luna from the crumbling castle, who had gone to be by Robin's side. Afterward, he finishes off Jude and erases his existence.

As an EnemyEdit

Aramute is a post-game special boss who can be fought if you acquire an S+ (the highest possible) ranking in Witch Spring 2. After talking to him, he will suggest that Luna fight him to test her powers, much to her shock. He will then open the Mind Room so she can fight him there. After defeating him, Luna can gain a special outfit.