The Black Cat is a pet in Witch Spring 2 located in Rocky Hill. In order to acquire, Luna must give it a Meatball (crafted item).

It is in the cat pet series along with the White Cat, Yellow Cat, and Nekomis. Along with the White and Yellow Cats, the Black Cat also shares the start-of-turn HP + MP recovery ability with Blue.

While Blue is strictly better than the White and Yellow Cats in both healing and availability, the Black Cat can basically be acquired at the start of the game, so it's slightly more useful than the other two Cats. That said, Bolbat's damage + healing combo may prove more effective in earlygame, though the Black Cat has the advantage of not needing to be defeated to acquire.


Black cat ws2 HP 13 STR 5 MAG 25 AGI 10
DEF 0 MDEF 0 Location Rocky Hill
Pet Yes Drops N/A
It feels good to be around a cat. Cautious by nature, but behaves gently once it becomes a pet. In battles, you get 10% HP and 15% MP recovered before every turn.