The Deities, also derogatorily called "Witches," are a race of beings who can use magic, unlike Humans. There are pure-blooded Deities and half-Deities, and they age differently. Before the war between Humans and Deities, the Deities were worshiped as gods. However, humans became greedy and desired the deities' powers for themselves. They instigated a war in order to rival and attain the deities' miracles, driving the deities into hiding.


All deities have signature white hair, dark skin, and long rabbit-like ears that separates them from Humans. Half-blooded deities have a chance of looking either like a deity or a human; Hector looks human despite having the blood of deities in him and is only capable of naturally sensing magic power, but his brother was more like a deity and was executed for it.

It is suggested that full-blooded deities age based on their magical power and not necessarily on physical age; Pieberry, for example, is stated to look more mature after gaining Elysion's blessing and her hair instantly grows out. Luna also notes that even though she was a child when she met Pieberry as a baby, Pieberry now looks the same age as her in spite of their actual age difference.

Most deities' dark skin lean closer to black or ashen gray. However, some deities like Luna or Eileen are naturally born with lighter or brownish skin colors. Furthermore, pure-blooded deities have white pupils; half-blooded deities have black pupils.


In VaveliaEdit

(Covers the events of both Witch Spring and Witch Spring 2, which occur concurrently.)

While the deities granted miracles to humans, it wasn't long before humans began to crave the deities' powers for themselves. One day, someone taught the Pope how to use magic with the power of the Springs, and from there the Pope declared a war on the deities.

Humans managed to kill the Temple Lords and began hunting down the remaining Deities, most of whom went into hiding. Ten years after the start of the war, two Deities, Pieberry and Luna, end up putting an end to the anti-Deity sentiment in Vavelia by exposing the truth behind the war.

Furthermore, they discovered on their journeys that the Temple Lords hadn't been slain at all; they were merely sealed away and needed to recover their power. What Jude and the Pope hadn't known was that the Deities' Springs, which they believe contained their magic power, instead worked the other way around; the Temple Lords put their powers into the Springs. With Pieberry's efforts, the Temple Lords are revived just in time to save Vavelia Village and restore the land back to normal.

In DerkarrEdit

(Covers the events of Witch Spring 3)

Like in Vavelia, the deities have been hunted for their powers. Eirudy has lived in seclusion in the Misty Woods for most of her life as a result, only contacting her grandmother on occasion. The Pope was the one, again, who instigated the witch hunt and has the mysterious power to detect magical power. However, some of the villages in Derkarr have no stigma against the deities, as they are more concerned about the treatment they receive from other human villages to worry about the deities.

Known DeitiesEdit

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