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Aerial view (WS2)

The Derkarr East Shore, also called the Southeastern Shore of Des Lecarr Continent, appears in both Witch Spring 2 and Witch Spring 3. It is part of the Derkarr continent, southeast of the Lehert Desert and southeast of the Coastal Cave. It is also the closest area between Derkarr and Vavelia, and is east of the North Sea in Vavelia.

There are no enemies or ingredients here.

In Witch Spring 2, Luna can travel here. There is a large turtle blocking the path to a chest, which she can lure away by riding the Pink Eison to retrieve the 10K Gold. In Witch Spring 3, the third part of Brad's side-story is viewed here, and getting to the Coastal Cave is necessary to fight Mullet.


If you complete "Bandits in the Mine" of Brad's story, immediately afterwards you can access the third part of his story.

Enter Derkarr East Shore from the southeast side of the Lehert Desert, then approach the right-most section of the map. You'll see Brad standing by the cliff to the ocean; upon approaching him, the cutscene will automatically play. There is no combat involved.

After the cutscene, you can immediately access the fourth and final part of his story, which takes place in the Southern Lehert Desert.


  • Witch Spring 3 reveals that the 10K gold chest that Luna can find here is half of the gold chest Brad dropped into the ocean; he was only able to retrieve half of the original 20K, which he later gives to Eirudy if you complete the fourth part of his story.