Dragon Valley is a location in Derkarr that lies west of Shubeth Road. It connects to three more locations: Northern Dragon Valley, Southern Dragon Valley, and the Soul Cave Entrance to the west.


Name Type[Normal enemies respawn and appear in the Battle Encyclopedia. Event enemies are either fought in the story or are respawning enemies triggered by a special action, and do not appear in the Battle Encyclopedia.] Drops Vitality[Vitality absorbed by the Soul Stone upon defeat. The amount of Vitality absorbed varies based on currently-unknown factors.] Notes
Nannah Dragon ×2 Normal Dragon Meat 150 • Dragon Meat is used to summon the Maegrik Dragon boss in the south.
• Maegrik also has a high chance of dropping Dragon Meat, so you will likely have an excess of it.


Name Quantity[The amount of ingredients you can get from all spawn points. Totals may vary.] Effect[Bonus stats or abilities granted upon use, if any] Notes
Best Magic Slab ×1 1 -