The Giant Desert Scorpion is a monster found in Derkarr. As a regular enemy, two of them are found in the Lehert Desert. They are also fought in one story event and one optional event.


{{{image}}} HP 2650 MAG 0 STR 71 AGI 28
DEF 45 MDEF 33 Location {{{location}}}
Vitality[Amount of Vitality absorbed by the Soul Stone. Amount varies depending on currently-unknown factors.] {{{vitality}}} Drops {{{drops}}}
Gigantic scorpion that can be found in the desert. It has a hard shell.


  • +? Vitality


Village of Lehert:

In the beginning of Chapter 3, Adrian and Johannes will find Eirudy's house and ask her to help them uncover the circumstances behind the Ancient Dragon attacks on the Village of Lehert. Go to Lehert through Lehert-reed; towards the center of the map, she will find them, and the wagon driver, stuck because a Giant Desert Scorpion is blocking the path. Defeat it.

Desert Fox Cub:

After defeating the Gigantic Sand Worm for the first time and gaining access to the Village of Ziv, an optional event will trigger if you enter the Southern Lehert Desert. You will fight 1 Giant Desert Scorpion and 3 Desert Scorpions. Afterwards, you can acquire the dead Desert Fox Cub and choose to send it back to Doll Storage.