Grandmother talking about Ludina

Grandmother warns Eirudy about the danger of Dark Magic Stones

Grandmother's House is a location in Derkarr, found in the northeast corner of the Eastern Misty Forest. As the name suggests, Eirudy's Grandmother lives here.

There are no ingredients or enemies in here; however, visiting this location is required for some plot events. Prototype Warrie can also be found on the third level of the house, by the desk.


Chapter 2

  • Visit Grandmother to find out how to upgrade the Soul Stone. (Learn how to upgrade the Soul Stone up to LV. 5, and gain the Boar Doll.)

Chapter 3

  • Visit Grandmother after being betrayed by the Lehert villagers.
    • Depending on your earlier choice, you will either go down the Light path or start down the Dark/True paths, with a later decision that determines your ending.
  • True Path only: Return after getting redeemed by Adrian to find out how to acquire Vahnter.


  • A letter from Grandmother will be on the third floor, where Prototype Warrie was found.
  • After completing Lize's event, Eirudy will mention seeing her old dress from the event's flashback scene in Grandmother's House. It can be found in the cabinet on the second floor of her house.
  • Light Path only: The key to the Basement of the Marionette House can be found on the shelf on the first floor. You can then go to the basement and acquire Bernick, though his entry still will not be filled on the final illustration.