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Hector is a supporting character in Witch Spring 3. He is a retired soldier of Shubeth who gives Eirudy advice from time-to-time.




Hector was trained in swordplay and is skilled enough in it that he was later asked to return to the palace to train soldiers.

Because of the deity's blood that flows in his veins, he is capable of faintly detecting magic power, which is how he could sense Eirudy's presence. However, unlike his brother, he didn't have enough magic power to be a full-blooded deity.


  • Although Hector's fate is left unknown in the Light path, where the last time he is seen is the optional event in Chapter 3 where he gives Eirudy the Champion Sword, it is implied he may have died off-screen (from unknown causes) as he does not appear in the after story.