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Jude, who later goes by the alias Crown, is the final boss of the first two Witch Spring games. The witch hunts in Vavelia and Derkarr were caused by his machinations in an attempt to take over the world. To that end, he instigates the Spring War against the Deities.

He is actually an Ancient Dragon who was given the powers of a deity by Aramute. Because of Aramute's powers, he was no longer bound to the Dragon's Nest like the rest of his clan, and this set up his plot to begin the Spring Wars.


Like other deities, Jude has dark skin and long white hair. Ten years before the main story, he wore a long, light blue robe with a dark blue sash around his waist.

Some time during the war, he adopted the name Crown and rose to the rank of highest Warrior. In his disguise, he dons golden armor with a helmet to conceal his face and hide his status as a deity from his fellow Warriors.


Jude is egotistical and self-serving, manipulating those around him in an effort to gain more and more power. He was not always like that, but Aramute was aware that he would turn down that road and decided to use him as a lesson for others.


Witch SpringEdit

Witch Spring 2Edit

Crown (Chapter 4)
HP 3670 STR 85 MAG 200 AGI 28
DEF 30 MDEF 30 Location
Pet No Drops {{{drops}}}
The best warrior in the Royal Palace. Massive amount of mysterious Magic Power is hidden behind his golden armor. No one has seen his face as he is always clad in thick armor and helmet.
Jude (Chapter 5, Final Boss)
HP 14500 STR 165 MAG 0 AGI 42
DEF 45 MDEF 80 Location Aramute's Temple
Pet No Drops {{{drops}}}
The cause of the war between the humans and the deities.