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Justice is a major character in Witch Spring and a supporting character in Witch Spring 2. He is a Palace Warrior who despises witches and crosses paths with Pieberry and Luna several times.


Justice is a young man with blonde hair and red eyes. He wears the typical Warrior armor and red tunic, and accompanies it with a red scarf and a red waistband. His sword and sheath are on his left side, as he is right-handed.


For most of the two games he is in, Justice harbors a deep hatred towards witches as a result of his father's death at their hands during the Spring War. His strong sense of justice and straightforward nature have driven him to become one of the best Warriors in Vavelia, but it also makes him highly stubborn.

After several encounters with Pieberry and Luna, however, he starts changing his mind about witches. Upon witnessing the Pope's corruption and the truth behind everything, he is convinced of the witches' innocence.


Justice is a skilled swordsman and has attained a relatively high rank among the Warriors.

As an EnemyEdit


  • In Witch Spring, his ending with Pieberry ("Hope given by love, Love given by hope") has the highest priority. In the post-game of Witch Spring 2, Pieberry reveals that she's dating Justice, reinforcing the fact that the ending is the game's "official" ending.