The Maegrik Dragon is a type of dragon in the Witch Spring series, though they are not named until Witch Spring 3, where it can also be fought as a special enemy.

As revealed in Witch Spring 3, Durok's guardian animal, Temar, is a Maegrik Dragon. Thus far, he is the only known Maegrik Dragon capable of speech, so it is unknown whether all Maegrik Dragons are capable of it or if Temar is a special case due to being Durok's guardian animal.

Maegrik Dragons can be fought in Witch Spring 3 by using Dragon Meat from Eirudy's inventory in Southern Dragon Valley. As indicated by the description for Dragon Meat, this will attract a Maegrik Dragon to come and attack her for it.

Stats (Witch Spring 3)Edit

{{{image}}} HP 121,500 MAG  ? STR  ? AGI  ?
DEF  ? MDEF  ? Location {{{location}}}
Vitality[Amount of Vitality absorbed by the Soul Stone. Amount varies depending on currently-unknown factors.] {{{vitality}}} Drops {{{drops}}}

Because of the special conditions required to encounter it, it is treated as an event enemy and thus does not appear in the Battle Encyclopedia.


  • Random number of Dragon Meat (between 3~30; high chance)
  • Brilliant Crystal (low chance)
  • +540 Vitality