Maegrik Dragon Jr. is an enemy that can be fought in Witch Spring 3. If you approach the edge of Mt. Caldaria's peak starting in Chapter 3, it will swoop in and automatically start a fight.


{{{image}}} HP 16800 MAG  ? STR  ? AGI  ?
DEF  ? MDEF  ? Location {{{location}}}
Vitality[Amount of Vitality absorbed by the Soul Stone. Amount varies depending on currently-unknown factors.] {{{vitality}}} Drops {{{drops}}}

Despite being a recurring enemy, it is for some reason treated as an event enemy and thus does not appear in the Battle Encyclopedia.


  • Flaming Maegrik Dragon Scale
    • Used to craft the Maegrik Blade. Can also be sold for 3600 gold each.
  • +122(?) Vitality