Michelle is a minor character in Witch Spring and a supporting character in Witch Spring 2. She is a half-blooded Deity, like Luna, and was Durok's apprentice before the human-deity war.



Michelle is a self-serving individual, even when she was young; she attempted to leech money off the Warriors that visited them before Luna tricked her into claiming she wouldn't. When she and Luna reunite after the war, the first thing Michelle does is tease Luna for getting into a difficult situation before finally helping her.

After getting caught by a Warrior some time off-screen, she agrees to betray Luna to the Warriors. While she did attempt to warn Luna by using a secret phrase, Luna had forgotten the phrase's true meaning and the warning was lost on her.



  • In an earlier build of the game, Michelle's portrait was used as her prologue child portrait. In the final game, the portrait was used for her teenage appearance, and she has no child portrait at all.