The Misty Forest Dryad is a respawning enemy in Witch Spring 3 that can be found in the Western Misty Forest. It is one of the most efficient spots for grinding Vitality due to being unlocked rather early (Chapter 2) and dropping 255 Vitality per kill.


HP 5520 MAG 122 STR 115 AGI 15
DEF 12 MDEF 5 Location Western Misty Forest
Vitality[Amount of Vitality absorbed by the Soul Stone. Amount varies depending on currently-unknown factors.] 255 Drops Spirit Woodpiece
Tree spirit that has watched over the Misty Forest for thousands of years. When humans get lost in the forest and end up with this monster, they will get their souls absorbed by this monster. It is also known as the Keeper of Misty Forest.


  • Spirit Woodpiece
    • Raises max. HP by 20
    • Used to create: Rabina, Dryad Staff, Greater Healing MC, Greater Focus MC
  • +255 Vitality
    • Note: Misty Forest Dryad gives one of the highest amounts of Vitality of any monster, so it is an efficient way to collect Vitality for upgrading dolls.