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Black JoeEdit


Lord Elysion is Pieberry's mother, and has been waiting for Pieberry to revive the springs. When Pieberry revives her spring, she decides to use her limited spell power to appear before her daughter, much to Pieberry's surprise.

After defeating the Pope and Crown, Pieberry is nearly crushed after reviving the final spring, but is saved by her mother. After Jude's ultimate defeat, the two of them witness Robin's revival, and Elysion begins teaching Pieberry how to follow in her footsteps as Temple Lord.


Although their initial meeting began with a fight, the two eventually became good friends. Though Luna was wary of making friends after Michelle and Robin's betrayals, Pieberry's straightforward, sincere attitude wins her over.


Like with Luna, their initial encounters were filled with tension. Justice's father died during the war against the deities, and as a result was filled with hatred towards all deities. It is possible for Pieberry to improve her relationship with him in her game, though, and one of their endings culminates in their marriage.

(Witch Spring 2 confirms that they end up together; Luna can encounter the two of them having an intimate moment during the story, and her post-game conversation with Pieberry reveals the two are dating.)