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The Pope, whose true name is Celvis, is one of the overarching villains of the Witch Spring franchise as the initiator of the Spring War.

He is fought as semifinal boss of Witch Spring and Witch Spring 2, and makes a brief appearance in Witch Spring 3.


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Celvis beaten by Pieberry

Celvis seems to be an elderly man wearing elaborate robes due to his station. In WS1, his robes are red, while they are white in WS2 and WS3.


Celvis is an egotistical man who feigns righteousness and honor in order to sway the populace to his words. He is willing to commit atrocities on his subordinates for the sake of power, such as spearheading the inhumane experiments that turn people like Livya into Dark Warriors. Those who know the truth are suppressed, usually by banishment like in Sofia's case.

According to Sofia, Celvis had once been a truly kind man, and it is because of his genuinely good deeds and intentions in the past that people followed him the way they did. It is suggested that Jude had some influence in him becoming the man he is by the time of the Witch Spring story.


After rising to position of Pope, Celvis began having an insatiable lust for power. He began witch hunts in Vavelia, Derkarr, and possibly Ürphea in a bid to seal away the Temple Lords and take the power of their Springs for himself. He appointed Jude as the captain of the Warriors in Vavelia, while he cooperated with Regal and aided him in his bid for power in Derkarr.


Witch SpringEdit

Though the Pope is the semi-final boss, he is relatively easy to defeat as long as Pieberry has been trained properly. The trick is to lose as little HP or MP as possible, as you will fight Jude shortly afterwards without getting your HP or MP back from the battle against Pope.

Witch Spring 2Edit

HP 9250 STR 15 MAG 380 AGI 35
DEF 0 MDEF 0 Location Aramute's Temple
Pet No Drops
Leader of the humans who started the war in association with Jude. He was elected as the leader because he is said to be the wisest among the humans.

In Witch Spring 2, Luna and Pieberry team up against the Pope and afterwards, Jude. Provided you've been grinding the whole game, if you can defeat Nightmare before squaring off against the Pope, he will be easy to defeat.


  • In Witch Spring, regardless of whether you lose to the Pope or Jude, you will get the same ending ("Hope, no place to go"). The ending will mention the Pope has sealed up all the springs, even though if you defeated the Pope and lost to Jude, the Pope's existence has been erased.