The Red Masks are enemies in Witch Spring 3. They can be found as respawning enemies in Shubeth Road, and three of them serve as event enemies in the optional event "Gate in South Shubeth Road".


{{{image}}} HP 760 MAG 0 STR 45 AGI 70
DEF 0 MDEF 0 Location {{{location}}}
Vitality[Amount of Vitality absorbed by the Soul Stone. Amount varies depending on currently-unknown factors.] {{{vitality}}} Drops {{{drops}}}
A member of Shubethian Red Assassins.


  • Red Mask
    • Used in the "Breaking into the Dark Company's Cave" storyline event in Chapter 4: Tri-Caliber, and in the "Gate in South Shubeth Road" optional event. Otherwise, it can be sold.
  • +? Vitality