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Robin is a recurring character in Witch Spring 2 and is Luna's romantic interest. He is a young Human man who grew up in the same village Luna did up until the war against the Deities began.


Robin is a young man with messy brown hair and brown eyes.


While Robin cares for his friends deeply, he also fails to disclose his full plans and intentions to them, leading to numerous misunderstandings and his near demise.

He worked hard to rise up in the ranks of Palace Warrior, only to encounter Luna and realize she could already fend for herself. This gives rise to a sense of inadequacy that causes him to try and "save" her by first taking her captive, which would (in his mind) allow him to sneak her away. However, he never tells her any of this plan, and so when he sells her out as part of his plan, she misunderstands the situation and instantly overpowers the Warriors. While he attempts to explain himself, Luna is already too angry and hurt, and just leaves instead.



Robin's fighting abilities are rather poor, as it is noted by several individuals that he isn't very good with the sword despite being a vice-captain. Instead, he displayed his sweet talking skills as seen when Berto was furious that the warriors failed to beat Luna.