South Pier is a location in Derkarr, south of Derkarr Road. While you can access Derkarr Road in Chapter 3, you can't enter South Pier until Chapter 4 (only on the Light/True paths, or any path?). There are no monsters or ingredients here, and only one event takes place in South Pier itself.

Accessing South PierEdit

In Chapter 3, you will see some men blocking the road. If you approach them, they identify themselves as the Dark Company and you cannot fight with them. However, in Chapter 4, a woman in the Village of Ziv will ask you to defeat the men blocking the way.

Later on, you can approach the woman again and she will ask you do to the same thing. After you do so, you get a red gem as a reward. Once the woman goes to South Pier, Judith will walk up to you and offer to buy the red gem. Eirudy has the option to trade it in or refuse. Either option is fine, and will not affect the event at South Pier.

After the event is finished, South Pier is open. However, as mentioned before, there isn't anything here.


Judith (optional sidequest, Chapter 4)

  • Prerequisites: "Dark Company" parts 1 & 2; accepted Judith's deal in Dark Company Part 2

After completing the Chapter 4 main story event "Breaking into the Dark Company's Cave" (Light/True paths), the group will split up. However, Johannes will still be in the Ziv Mine - Secret Base meeting room. Talk to him to trigger the "Judith" event. He informs Eirudy that the Dark Company is planning on smuggling goods from South Pier, and asks her to stop them.

Go to South Pier, and you will find Judith with some of her men. Defeat her soldiers, and the rest of the event is all a cutscene.

Getting the "Judith" event is necessary for filling her slot in the final illustration.

*Editor's note: I believe you cannot get this event if you did not accept her deal in "Dark Company" Part 2.

Mahnil Island (After Story)

Travel to South Pier to go to Mahnil Island. This event will change depending on whether the above "Judith" event was completed or not (see post-game page for details). After the event, Eirudy will automatically return to South Pier.

Pieberry and Justice (After Story)

  • Prerequisites: "Mahnil Island"

Return to South Pier after visiting Mahnil Island to see Pieberry and Justice arrive on Derkarr. This will start a long cutscene and event that unlocks the House Gifted From Adrian.