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Temar in Witch Spring.

Temar is a Maegrik Dragon that serves as Durok's guardian animal, stated to be the strongest of Vavelia's guardian animals.

He is a boss in Witch Spring and in Witch Spring 2's post-game. If Pieberry defeats him in Witch Spring, he will give her the spell to summon him against her enemies.


Although being the strongest amongst all Vavelian temple lords' guardians, Temar slacked off at training. As a result, he was weaker than before and was unable to withstand Jude's attacks.



At an unknown point in time, Temar became Durok's guardian animal.

Ten years before the main Witch Spring plot, Jude hatched a plan with the Pope and Regal to eliminate the deities and take power for themselves. Jude stole the Ancient Dragons' Nest and bound it to Regal's life, forcing the Dragons to do Regal's bidding. Before they realized this, however, they attempted to retrieve the Nest from Shubeth Village; the large numbers of Ancient Dragons descending on the village looked like a dragon attack, and Regal sent a plea for help to the Vavelian deities.

In response, the four Temple Lords sent Temar to Derkarr. While he was away subjugating the Ancient Dragons, Jude and the Pope struck, killing the Temple Lords and taking the Springs for themselves. Unbeknownst to Jude, the Temple Lords were already aware of his plan and had allowed themselves to be killed; Temar later indicates that he knew the Temple Lords' plan, and laid low after his master's death.

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  • So far, Temar is the only Maegrik Dragon known to understand and speak the human language. Whether all Maegrik Dragons are capable of this, or whether it is the result of being Durok's guardian animal, is unclear.