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Velita is a supporting character in Witch Spring 3. Originally a mercenary hailing from Vavelia, she has been hired by Regal at the beginning of the story to watch over Adrian.



Velita has a somewhat carefree personality, immediately acting chummy with Eirudy and calling her "the cute girl" in subsequent meetings. She has a bit of a nasty streak, quickly jumping to teasing and belittling others.

Her primary motivation is earning gold, and will betray her supposed allies if she's paid to do so. As a result, she has barely any qualms reporting Adrian's movements back to his father, which results in Regal brutally suppressing the heroes' movements in the Village of Lehert.

Dialogue with Adrian if you have Eirudy kill her in the Dark Path indicates she had a rough childhood that is the root of her personality quirks.