The Western Misty Forest is to the west of the Misty Forest, and one of the earliest areas you can explore. It connects to the Misty Cave in the southwest corner of the map, and to the Northern Misty Forest at the northeast corner.

In Chapter 1, you cannot explore the northern areas of the Western Misty Forest out of fear of Warriors that are lurking around. In earlier parts of Chapter 2, you can wander the rest of the Western Misty Forest, but you cannot proceed up to the Northern Misty Forest until you complete the event with Adrian, Johannes, Lewis, and Velita.


Name Type[Normal enemies respawn and appear in the Battle Encyclopedia. Event enemies are either fought in the story or are respawning enemies triggered by a special action, and do not appear in the Battle Encyclopedia.] Drops Vitality[Vitality absorbed by the Soul Stone upon defeat. The amount of Vitality absorbed varies based on currently-unknown factors.] Notes
Young Fog Toad Normal Froggy Pearl 10
Misty Forest Dryad Normal Spirit Woodpiece 225 One of the best sources of Vitality
Fog Toad Event
(Chapter 1 + 2)
Froggy Pearl  ?
Fog Golem Event (Chapter 1) Froggy Pearl N/A Will spawn in Misty Cave after beating it


Name Quantity[The amount of ingredients you can get from all spawn points. Totals may vary.] Effect[Bonus stats or abilities granted upon use, if any] Notes
Cotton Blossom ×4 4 - Used to craft Sleeping Bags
Red Mistberry ×1 1 Max HP +3 Not used in any crafting recipe
Poison Shroom ×2 2 -5 HP Acquired by chasing down the mushrooms
Mistberry ×1 2 Recovers 70 HP Not used in any crafting recipe
Spirit Twig ×2 2 -