The Wild Boar Habitat is a location in Derkarr, west of the Misty Cave and east of South Shubeth Road.

It can first be accessed in Chapter 1 in Witch Spring 3 during "The Missing Rabbit" event. After Eirudy and Failur sense that her rabbit doll is beyond the bushes in the Misty Cave, where she met Adrian, she has the option to go through. Doing so leads her into the Wild Boar Habitat.

There are no enemies here; however, Eirudy can chase down the boars for Young Boar Meat and go to the spring for Spring Water.


Name Quantity[The amount of ingredients you can get from all spawn points. Totals may vary.] Effect[Bonus stats or abilities granted upon use, if any] Notes
Small Boar Meat ×4 4 Recovers 30 HP Chasing down the boars will grant +1 AGI each up to a certain point. (Max. +10?)
Spring Water ×1 3 -


"The Missing Rabbit"
After finding that her rabbit doll has disappeared from the front of her house, Eirudy tracks it down to the Wild Boar Habitat. Approach the rabbit doll, and a cutscene will play where she defeats the Wild Boar (again) and all the smaller boars run off. Afterwards, she decides to continue exploring further.