Witch Spring (마녀의 샘) is a series of mobile games for iOS and Android by Korean game developer Kiwi Walks, with Suyoung Jang as the lead developer. There are currently three games in the series.


Witch Spring and Witch Spring 2 both take place on the continent of Vavelia, revolving around the same conflict but from the viewpoints of two different characters. The first game focuses on a young Witch named Pieberry, who sets off to become stronger so she can survive against Warriors and revive the Springs. The second game takes the perspective of Luna, who appeared as a non-playable character in the first game.

The third game takes place concurrent to, and continues after, the events of the first two games. It follows the story of Eirudy on the neighboring continent of Derkarr. Like Luna and Pieberry, she faces persecution for being a witch and longs to make friends.

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