Witch Spring is the first game in the Witch Spring series. It follows Pieberry as she trains herself to become strong enough to fight against Warriors. It currently costs $1.99 (USD) on the App Store and Google Play Store.

On March 9, 2018, an announcement was released for Witch Spring: Illustration Remaster, a game update which would redo the portrait illustrations. The update released on June 22, 2018, changing all the dialogue portraits and cutscene illustrations but leaving the ending illustrations intact.

(Some dialogue changes were noted for the Japanese version of the game, to integrate better with Witch Spring 2. Whether these changes are present in the English game have not been confirmed.)

Latest version: 1.85, updated June 22, 2018

Official DescriptionEdit

WitchSpring - Illust Remaster

WitchSpring - Illust Remaster

Begin your 100 days RPG project with the cutest witch in the world.
It's a classic RPG with no distractions. No in-app purchase or advertisements.

Choose her fate. Focus just on her training and make her the most powerful witch in the universe or follow through her whole story and make her the lord of the humans.

Train and rest at her home, mix spell ingredients and compose a powerful magic!
Wonder the universe, battle against the warriors and find spell ingredients!
Protect her at all costs against the warriors!


  • Nearly unlimited grinding (limited only by the 100-day time limit, and there is no time limit after)
  • 65 Achievements
  • 9 endings
  • Extensive post-game content (accessible through 2 endings)



The core of Witch Spring's gameplay is training, defeating monsters, and gathering items. Through training, Pieberry can defeat stronger monsters and gather more items to make herself even stronger. The main game lasts 100 in-game days, and all the activities she performs will take up time.

At home, Pieberry can pick between various training exercises, which have either an HP or MP cost and will boost her stats by a fixed amount.

Using items that she has found on the field or by defeating enemies, Pieberry can craft items and new spells. Some items are recovery items, while others will boost her stats. Spells that are crafted can then be assigned so she can use them in battle.

By training, exploring, or fighting, Pieberry will accumulate Tiredness. While Tiredness doesn't have an extremely large impact at first glance, having 0 Tiredness grants Pieberry a 20% boost to all stats aside from HP and MP. Sleeping halves Pieberry's Tiredness, though it uses up 9 hours in return.


  • Pieberry: The main character. A young witch who has lived her whole life in fear of humans and warriors.
  • Black Joe: An ugly bird who takes care of Pieberry and serves as her guardian.
  • Justice: A palace warrior who despises witches. He encounters Pieberry throughout the story.
  • Luna: Another witch whom Pieberry encounters in the Icy Field.
  • Pope: The true ruler of Vavelia and the man behind the witch hunts.
  • Alfredo: A bumbling warrior wannabe who wishes to capture witches to improve his status. Is not very good at it.
  • Crown: The best warrior in the palace, he is actually a deity who aims to revive the Temple Lords who were killed by the humans.


  • In an interview, developer Jang Suyoung mentioned that there had originally been 20 endings planned, but because the illustrator was a student and couldn't keep up with so many illustrations, they cut it down to 9. (Source)