There are a total of 9 Endings in Witch Spring. After acquiring an ending, you can replay it from the Title Screen menu. All the endings are acquired within the 100 days, so nothing in post-game counts towards the endings.

In order to access post-game, you need to attain one of the three endings where you beat the Pope and Crown. The other endings will bring you back to the Title Screen instead of reading "Continue."

Name Requirement
"Warrior are scary as expected" Complete the 100 days with low stats without visiting the springs
"Black Witch Forest where no one can go" Complete the 100 days with high stats without visiting the springs
"Continuous expedition" Visit Elysion Spring, but never fight the Pope before the 100 days are over
"Notorious Black Witch" Keep beating up Warriors near Lalaque Village and never confront the Pope (need at least -6 reputation)
"Hope, no place to go" Fail to defeat the Pope or Crown
"Hope given by love, Love given by hope" Defeat the Pope and Crown, acquire Something with Justice - 2 achievement/event
"Pieberry's Reign" Defeat the Pope and Crown with more than 13 Reputation, and do not complete Justice's side-story
"A Peaceful Day" Defeat the Pope and Crown with less than 13 reputation; do not get the Justice achievement
"Super power Pieberry" Return home after defeating Nightmare


  • There are two versions of the illustration for "A Peaceful Day," a normal version and a Luna version if you complete her side-story. However, they are both listed as the same ending, so if you acquire Luna's version first, you will have to replay the game without completing her side story in order to see the version without her.
  • You can acquire different endings from old save files, so you don't need to start afresh each time you play.
  • You can only get one ending at a time.
    • For the three endings that require you to beat the Pope and Crown, "Hope given by love, Love given by hope" takes first priority. If you complete Justice's side-story, you will only see that ending. "Pieberry's Reign" is second, so if you have more than 13 reputation but do not complete Justice's side-story, you will see that ending. "A Peaceful Day" is the third one, which you will get if you have less than 13 reputation when you beat the final bosses.
  • In order to get "Notorious Black Witch," it is important that you do not go to the final battle. If you go to the final battle, you will get either "A Peaceful Day" or "Hope, no place to go" regardless of your reputation.
  • You can avoid getting "Super power Pieberry" by going straight to the final battle against Pope without stopping at home.

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