There are a total of 14 Pets in Witch Spring.

Name Location Requirement
Wild Pig Junior Side of Kentz Mountain Defeat it
Aslan Arua Temple Defeat him (second time)
Wild Rabbit Rabbit Cave on Arua Island Defeat it
Lightningbell Aimhard's Temple Defeat it
Wild Pig Boss Wild Pig Plain Lands Defeat it
Black Lion Lion Plain Land Defeat it
Big Ugly Bird Elysion Plain Defeat it
Grammy West Golem Cave Defeat it
Tiaeia Dragon Plain Defeat it
White Wolf Icy Cave Defeat it
Luca Elysion Plain Defeat it
Jirconia Junior Crafted Hatched from a Jirconia Dragon's Egg.
Necomis Icy Field Defeat it
Gold Kiwi Vavelia Forest (extra story) Give it Spring Water Out of Rock (from Lion Plain)