Completed ws2 title screen

The title screen, with all Achievements cleared

There are 15 Achievements in Witch Spring 2. Unlike the first game, none of these achievements are directly related to the plot (with the possible exception of Pieberry and Robin's achievements). Rather than being for specific events, each of these achievements are acquired by going through each character's sub-plot.

Completing achievements helps raise Luna's Reputation and contribute to her final ranking at the end of the game. As you acquire more achievements, characters related to those achievements will appear on the title screen. (The exceptions are the Old Man in Kentz Mountain, Ralph the Grouchy Merchant, Sara, Ludina, and Panda Kum; the rest will appear on the title screen.) Some of the characters Luna befriends will also appear after the final battle to come to Luna's aid.

All achievements must be acquired during the main story, and post-game events involving these characters do not count towards their achievements. Some characters have to be fought/encountered several times before they can become your friend. Their encounters may be scripted into the main story (marked as a "story event"), while some are optional events.

List of AchievementsEdit

Name Value
Luna's new friend <Alfredo> 3000 XP
Luna's new friend <Michelle> 1000 XP
Luna's new friend <Robin> 3000 XP
Luna's new friend <Old Man in Kentz Mountain> 3000 XP
Luna's new friend <Justice> 2000 XP
Luna's new friend <Pieberry> 2000 XP
Luna's new friend <Red Beard> 3000 XP
Luna's new friend <Nuuk> 3000 XP
Luna's new friend <Ralph the Grouchy Merchant> 2000 XP
Luna's new friend <Sara> 1000 XP
Luna's new friend <Ludina> 3000 XP
Luna's new friend <Sofia> 3000 XP
Luna's new friend <Alflady> 3000 XP
Luna's new friend <Panda Kum> 3000 XP
Luna's new friend <Dwarves> 3000 XP



  • Pudding Cave (story event)
  • Defeat him at Lalaque Bridge
  • Save him in Golem Cave
  • Rescue him in Northern Lalaque Field
  • Talk to him in the sewer of the Palace (Note: does this require completing all the above?)

If/when he appears in the sewers, he also has HP and MP restoration items that he is "selling," though they are actually all free.


While briefly controlling Pieberry, talk to Michelle in her cell to acquire this achievement.


Automatically acquired after he saves you in the prison.

Old Man in Kentz MountainEdit

Acquired after you complete all his sub-quests and picking up Burning Heart sword. (You can also visit him in the North Sea Island for a bonus effect when using Burning Heart)



  • Aimhard's Temple (story event, Chapter 2)
  • Meeting Pieberry at Pudding Cave (story event, Chapter 3)
  • Witnessing Pieberry save the boy with Justice (Chapter 4, might not count towards achievement)
  • Witnessing Pieberry and Justice having an intimate moment (Chapter 4, might not count towards achievement)
  • Defeating the Golem together (story event?, Chapter 4)
  • Comforted by Pieberry (story event, Chapter 4)

Acquired at the end of Chapter 4. If you did not already defeat her in the race in Chapter 4, you will get Black Joe as a pet after this event.

Red BeardEdit

Complete all his fetch quests (can be completed by Chapter 4).

If you acquire this achievement, Red Beard will drive into the village during Jude's attack to save the villagers and warriors.


Enter Nuuk Field with Black Joe as your pet to initiate the conversation with the Gold Nuuk. Afterwards, leave the field and return to find the evil bird. Acquire the achievement by defeating it.

If you acquired this achievement, the Nuuks will attack Jude when he attacks the village.

Ralph the Grouchy MerchantEdit

Save him from bandits to acquire the achievement. Also, he will not appear again until post-game if you choose not to save him.


Drive off the dogs in Southern Lalaque Forest. This event begins after you defeat the bandits at Merchant's Road in Chapter 3, before going to visit Pieberry's house.


Defeat Aeris (requires you to defeat Panda Kum and get his achievement first).

If you acquire this achievement, Ludina and Aeris will intervene when Jude attacks the village.


Save her from Nessie (Chapter 2 onwards); to trigger this event, head as far left of West Shore as you can go. After acquiring this achievement, Sofia will give you Blue as a pet.

If you acquire this achievement, after the final battle, Sofia will fire a long-range artillery round at Jude after learning about what was happening from Blue. In post-game, she will also show up at Luna's original home.



  • Rocky Hill (mandatory, Chapter 1) (HP:125 Strength:3 Agility:30
  • Side of Kentz Mountain (Chapter 3) (HP:50 Strength:180 Agility:40)
  • Boar Plains (Chapter 3) (HP:2000 Strength:76 Agility:45)
  • Top of Kentz Mountain

Panda KumEdit

Defeat him five times. Acquiring this achievement also unlocks Ludina's subquest.


Return the Angel Eye (which is found in one of the bandits' treasure chests in Wolf Cave). Completing this will give you the Dwarves' artillery fire against large enemies, and is necessary for acquiring the Golem pet as well as reaching Crystal Cave for purifying crystals (necessary for forging several items, and fighting Nightmare).

If you acquire this achievement, the Dwarves will fire artillery rounds at Jude when he attacks the village.