Events in Witch Spring 2. Any event with a dash next to the chapter number is an optional event that can be completed starting from that chapter. There is a maximum of 51 Reputation that can be gained, all which can be acquired during the main game.

Story EventsEdit

Chapter 1Edit

Meeting Michelle at the Top of Kentz Mountain

This event will change depending on what you do before meeting her. If you directly meet her without finding any new information, Michelle will berate Luna and then leave without giving her anything.

However, if you fight the Warrior in Rocky Hill before meeting Michelle, Luna will relay the information she learned. In return, Michelle will give Luna a Kreytes Leaf.

Chapter 2Edit

Chapter 3Edit

Chapter 4Edit

Chapter 5Edit

Optional EventsEdit

Event Location Occurs In Bonuses
Returning the Angel Eye to the Dwarves Dwarves' Village Chapter 1– +8 Reputation
Rescuing Sofia West Shore Chapter 2– +15 Reputation
25,000 Gold
Receive Blue as a pet
Saving the man about to fall Merchant's Road Chapter 3– (Just save him) +1 Reputation, 5 Blue Lalaque Berries
(Save him, ask for Gold) -1 Reputation, 500 Gold
Saving Alfredo Golem Cave Chapter 4– +7 Reputation
Reassuring Alfredo Northern Lalaque Forest Chapter 4– +2 Reputation
Driving off the wild dogs Lalaque Forest Chapter 4 +7 Reputation
Rescuing the children from wild dogs Southern Lalaque Forest Chapter 4– +2 Reputation
Completing all of Red Beard's quests Dark Traders' Hideout Chapter 4– +11 Reputation
Saving the Warriors from the Dark Warrior Lalaque Forest Chapter 4– +1 Reputation
Saving Justice from the Demon Cave in Lalaque Forest Chapter 4– Gain the Sword of Growth

Training with Panda KumEdit

Meeting LudinaEdit