Events in Witch Spring 2. Any event with a dash next to the chapter number is an optional event that can be completed starting from that chapter. There is a maximum of 51 Reputation that can be gained, all which can be acquired during the main game.

Story EventsEdit

Chapter 1: Luna Sets OutEdit


  1. Acquire one Rabbit Meat and two Rua Leaves.
  2. Return home and craft a Rualet, then go to the Inventory (the Chest) and use it to gain +2 HP.
  3. Luna will decide to hunt a boar for meat... and fail spectacularly. After the disastrous attempt, she decides to learn Fire Magic to become stronger. Go to Side of Kentz Mountain and Kentz Cave to gather materials.
  4. One of the materials requires fighting the Stone Golem. After defeating it, Luna will encounter the boar she failed to defeat and get drawn into an event battle with Michelle providing healing for her. (Defeating the boar will give +1 HP and +1 STR.)
  5. Afterwards, you are free to explore and do whatever until you go to meet Michelle. (You don't even need to craft the 3-Circle Flame Pillar spell, but Magic Circle Combination will not unlock until you do, even if you craft the Healing Magic spell before it.)

Meeting Michelle at the Top of Kentz Mountain

  1. Meet Michelle on the top of Kentz Mountain.
    1. Note: This event will change depending on what you do before meeting her. If you directly meet her without finding any new information, Michelle will berate Luna and then leave without giving her anything. However, if you fight the Warrior in Rocky Hill before meeting Michelle, Luna will relay the information she learned. In return, Michelle will give Luna a Kreytes Leaf.

The Temple Lords

  1. Go to Lord Durok's Temple and talk to Temar.
  2. Head to the narrow passage on the western side of Kentz Cave. There will be a cutscene that plays where Luna barely makes her way through.
  3. Defeat Eison in order to ride him to Arua Island.
  4. Visit the Spring in Arua Temple. It will respond to her and gives her magic power (proportional to the player's current magic power). Inside the temple, you can also find Arua's Wand and the crafting recipes for Lightning magic.
  5. Go outside, and Aslan challenges her to a battle to see if she really received the power from Arua. If you defeat him he will join you and become your pet.
  6. Return to the top of Kentz Mountain at night to meet Michelle.

Chapter 2: A Hurt WitchEdit

When using "home" ability outside, Luna will teleport to "Ice Witch's House" instead from now on. You can still go back to "Luna and Robin's Hideout" by using "teleport" at home or any temple. She will also receive basic ice magic when looking at "Magic Circle Combination".

Lord Aimhard's Temple

  1. Go to Aimhard's Temple in Lion Plains, on the way you have to defeat a bandit group and a dark warrior.
  2. Defeat Alfredo, he only has 20 hp and doesn't do any damage.
  3. Walk over to the spring. Luna will notice that it's "alive" and tries to call out to Lord Aimhard. You will receive a defense buff (proportional to player's current defense.) Inside the temple, you can also find fire magic crafting recipe and Barrier Mark of Aimhard.
  4. Defeat Justice with Pieberry. Afterwards, Black Joe will try to finish off Justice but Pieberry stops him.

Meeting Robin

  1. Go to Vavalie Road. Luna will talk to Robin for a bit until he has to go.
  2. Come back to Vavalie Road at night. There will be a Palace Guard defending the entrance, defeat him and meet Robin again.
  3. Luna wants to find a Running Leaf to relieve Robin's stress. Go back to "Luna and Robin's Hideout" using the teleport circle at home, then go to "Rocky Hill-Road to Durok's Temple". There is a trail going downwards to "Northern Vavalie Hill".
  4. After obtaining the Running Leaf, go back to Vavalie Road again to meet Robin.

Chapter 3: Ice WitchEdit

Luna will change her outfit to Ice Witch's outfit, and you will also gain access to most of the map locations.

Lord Elysions' Temple

  1. Go to Vavalie Road and head south, defeat the two warriors at the entrance.
  2. Go to Elysion's Temple and defeat 3 Poisers
  3. Go to the spring and it will respond to Luna, it will increase Max MP and Magic Power. Inside the temple, you can also find <Tool Encyclopedia>, <Healing Magic Encyclopedia>, and <Purification Encyclopedia>.

Meeting Pieberry

  1. Go to Vavalie Road and listen to the conversation between Robin and Commander Berto
  2. Meet Pieberry outside of Ice Witch's House in the morning, then defeat Dark Yeti with Pieberry.
  3. Head over to Merchant Road and defeat the 3 bandits.
  4. Go to Lalaque Bridge and defeat Alfredo
  5. Help Sara getting rid of the wild wolves in Southwestern Lalaque Forest.
  6. Go back to Merchant Road and talk to the merchant surrounded by the bandits.
    1. Note: If you choose to save the Merchant he will come back later and sell stuff on Merchant road, so you don't have to go to the Dark Merchant Hideout to sell/buy things. However, you can also choose to not help him, and he will still come back in post-game to sell outfits.
  7. Go to Black Witch's Forest and head over to Pudding Cave (East of Pieberry's house.) Find Pieberry inside the cave and talk to her.

Chapter 4: Black WitchEdit

Finding Lord Aramute

  1. Go back to Lord Arua's Temple and check the spring. (may not be required)
  2. Go to Lord Durok's Temple; now you will be able to attack the two Palace Warriors guarding it.
  3. Defeat Aramute


  1. Meet Pieberry outside of Ice Witch's House and she will challenge you to a race.
    1. Note: If you want to get Black Joe early you must have Lucca from Pieberry's house.
  2. Go to Rocky Mountain Golem Cave behind Pieberry's house, then find Deeper Rocky Mountain Golem Cave.
  3. Save Alfredo, then defeat the Golem together with Pieberry.
  4. Sleep in Ice Witch's House, then in the morning, Pieberry will try to have some tea with Luna, to which she declines.
  5. Go to Robin and Luna's Hideout, when you go outside, you will meet Robin. Defeat the warriors that came with him.
  6. Go back to Ice Witch's House and sleep there. Pieberry will try to talk to Luna again when she wakes up.

Chapter 5: Luna's FriendsEdit

Luna is feeling much better now with the comfort of Pieberry! She decides to change back to her old outfits.


  1. Go to Top of Kentz Mountain at night and meet with Lord Aramute.
  2. Go to Pope's Castle with Aramute, you can find Old Magic Encyclopedia in one of the chests.
  3. Talk to Jude in the Secret Lab.


  1. Escape the Prison through the Sewers.
  2. Defeat Sewer Monster and then wrap home at the sewer entrance.
  3. Go back to the Prison by the waterfall entrance in Luna and Robin's Hideout training ground.
  4. After obtaining the keys from Robin, go to the east side of the prison and talk to Michelle.
  5. While controlling Pieberry, talk to Luna in the Prison.
  6. As Luna, you can now go to the Secret Lab again to find Robin.
    1. Note: Before visiting the Secret Lab, head to the east of the Sewer, you can find Alfredo there. Talk to him and you can get his achievement. He is also selling HP/MP items for free afterwards.
    2. Note: Go upstairs and you can now open the locked doors, inside you can change your magic skills as well as saving your progress.
  7. Defeat Robin and Commander Berto.
  8. Defeat Pope
  9. Defeat Jude

Optional EventsEdit

Event Location Occurs In Bonuses
Returning the Angel Eye to the Dwarves Dwarves' Village Chapter 1– +8 Reputation
Rescuing Sofia West Shore Chapter 2– +15 Reputation
25,000 Gold
Receive Blue as a pet
Saving the man about to fall Merchant's Road Chapter 3– (Just save him) +1 Reputation, 5 Blue Lalaque Berries
(Save him, ask for Gold) -1 Reputation, 500 Gold
Saving Alfredo Golem Cave Chapter 4– +7 Reputation
Reassuring Alfredo Northern Lalaque Forest Chapter 4– +2 Reputation
Driving off the wild dogs Lalaque Forest Chapter 4 +7 Reputation
Rescuing the children from wild dogs Southern Lalaque Forest Chapter 4– +1 Reputation
Completing all of Red Beard's quests Dark Traders' Hideout Chapter 4– +11 Reputation
Saving the Warriors from the Dark Warrior Lalaque Forest Chapter 4– +1 Reputation
Saving Justice from the Demon Gloomy Cave in Lalaque Forest Chapter 4– Gain the Sword of Growth
Pieberry and Justice Southern Lalaque Forest Chapter 5 -
Alfredo and Alflady Merchants' Road Chapter 5 -

Training with Panda KumEdit

Stats Panda Kum(1st training)

Panda Kum(2nd training)

Panda Kum(3rd training)

Panda Kum(4th training)

Panda Kum(5th training)

HP 450 1020 2500 4320 8650
Strength 20 34 50 65 90
Magic Power 0 0 0 0 0
Agility 20 24 30 36 40
Physical Defense 0 0 0 20 35
Magic Defense 0 0 0 20 35

After defeating Panda Kum, he will give you <Reuse Magic Power>

Meeting LudinaEdit

After Defeat Panda Kum 5 times, he will ask you to defeat Aeris in Ice Cave to rescue an old friend. After defeating Aeris, Ludina will appear and talk to Luna. You can find Ice Hammer and <Ludina's Magic Encyclopedia> in Aeris' room.