There are a total of 21 Pets in Witch Spring 2.

While the concept of Pets has been carried over from the previous game, their mechanics have been greatly modified. Luna doesn't need to use a Mind Control Spell to capture pets; she will automatically use one after defeating the enemy, and the spell can't be learned in-game. Furthermore, unlike the first game where Pets could only be chosen at home, Pets can be selected at any time on the field using the Pet menu.

List of PetsEdit

Pets that have a dash next to their acquire chapter means that they are optional, and can be recruited starting from that chapter.

Name Chapter Acquired Location Requirement
Angry Boar Chapter 1 Side of Kentz Mountain Defeat it
Bolbat Chapter 1– Kreytes Forest Defeat it
Gray Wolf Chapter 1– Wolf Cave Defeat it
Black Cat Chapter 1– Rocky Hill Give it a meatball
Eison Chapter 1 West Shore Defeat it
Bad Rabbit Chapter 1– Rabbit Hole Defeat it
Aslan Chapter 1– Arua Island Defeat him
Nekomis Chapter 2– Icy Field Defeat it
Blue Wolf Chapter 2– Icy Cave Defeat it
Captain Boar Chapter 2– Boar Plains Defeat it
Black Lion Chapter 2– Lion Plains Defeat it
White Cat Chapter 2– Road to Lalaque Village Give it a foxtail
Yellow Cat Chapter 3– Elysion Plains Give it a fish
Gremmy Chapter 3– Red Rocky Golem Cave Defeat it
Tia Reese Chapter 3– Dragon Valley Defeat it
Guardian Chapter 3– Dwarves' Village Hand over a purified magic stone
Blue Chapter 2 – West Shore Rescue Sofia
Pink Eison Chapter 3– Black Witch's Forest Defeat it
Lucca Chapter 4– Black Witch's House Steal it from Pieberry (keep clicking on it)
Black Joe Chapter 4 Icy Field (event) Defeat Pieberry in the race
Mandatory event at the end of Chapter 4 (if not acquired in the race)
Zirconia Jr. Chapter 5 Crafted Hatched from a Zirconia Dragon's Egg.