There are a total of 21 Pets in Witch Spring 2.

While the concept of Pets has been carried over from the previous game, their mechanics have been greatly modified. Luna doesn't need to use a Mind Control Spell to capture pets; she will automatically use one after defeating the enemy, and the spell can't be learned in-game.

Furthermore, unlike the first game where Pets could only be chosen at home, Pets can be selected at any time on the field using the Pet menu. Unlike the previous game, all Pet skills will automatically activate either before or after Luna's turn.

List of PetsEdit

All optional pets can be acquired at any point after the chapter listed in the notes. The exceptions, as well as Pets you get through the plot, are also marked.

Name Location Notes
Angry Boar Side of Kentz Mountain Guaranteed Pet in Chapter 1. Mount-type.
- Acquire: Defeat it
- Skill: Bonus DEF (equal to 2 + 10% total DEF)
Bolbat Kreytes Forest - Acquire: Defeat it (Chapter 1)
- Skill: Attacks after Luna, recovers HP equal to damage dealt (damage cap: 125)
Black Cat Rocky Hill - Acquire: Give it a meatball (Chapter 1)
- Skill: Recovers 10% HP + 15% MP before every turn
Gray Wolf Wolf Cave Mount-type.
- Acquire: Defeat it (Chapter 1)
- Skill: Attacks for 175% of Luna's STR
Eison West Shore Guaranteed Pet encountered in Chapter 1. Mount-type.
- Acquire: Defeat it
- Needed to ride in water until you get Pink Eison.
- Skill: +100% DEF
Bad Rabbit Rabbit Hole - Acquire: Defeat it (Chapter 1)
- Skill: +30% gold after battle
Aslan Arua Island Guaranteed Pet encountered in Chapter 1.
- Acquire: Defeat him
- Skill: Deals damage equal to Luna's MAG if she uses a physical attack, or half her MAG if she used a spell
Nekomis Icy Field Only takes damage if the amount of damage dealt is under 30. Bad Rabbit is recommended for it if your ATK is too high.
- Acquire: Defeat it (Chapter 2)
- Skill: Will randomly perform one of three actions: Cast Rain of Ice (scales to Luna's MAG), use Scratch (low physical damage), or Overheal (+100 HP, can go over max HP)
Blue Wolf Icy Cave Mount-type.
- Acquire: Defeat it (Chapter 2)
- Skill: Attacks for 400% of Luna's STR
White Cat Road to Lalaque Village - Acquire: Give it a foxtail (Chapter 2)
- Skill: Recovers 12% HP + 12% MP before every turn
Black Lion Lion Plains - Acquire: Defeat it (Chapter 2)
- Skill: Attacks for 200 physical damage before Luna's turn. +25 damage per turn. (Damage will be reduced by enemy's DEF.)
Blue West Shore Blue cannot be acquired in post-game.
- Acquire: Rescue Sofia event (continue going west in West Shore until the event triggers; event can be triggered starting Chapter 2)
- Skill: Recovers 17% HP + 20% MP every turn
Captain Boar Boar Plains Mount-type.
- Acquire: Defeat it (Chapter 2)
- Skill: +50% DEF, attacks for damage based on Luna's HP + DEF
Yellow Cat Elysion Plains - Acquire: Give it a fish (Chapter 3)
- Skill: Recovers 15% HP + 8% MP before every turn
Gremmy Red Rocky Golem Cave - Acquire: Defeat it (Chapter 3)
- Skill: Performs one of two actions: Recovers Luna's HP for up to 35% MAG, or create a magical barrier of 20% MAG.
- Magical barrier can be reinforced by +10% MAG each time it's overlapped
Tia Reese Dragon Valley - Acquire: Defeat it (Chapter 3)
- Skill: Attacks with magical damage up to 7x Luna's MAG.
Guardian Dwarves' Village - Acquire: Give a purified magic stone to the Dwarf Engineer (Chapter 3)
- Skill: If Luna's MAG > 200, the Guardian will become extra powerful
Pink Eison Black Witch's Forest Mount-type.
- Acquire: Defeat it (Chapter 3)
- Can cross deep water
- Skill: +50% Def, 2x AGI in water
Lucca Black Witch's House Mount-type. Lucca is mandatory for acquiring Black Joe early, although you will get Black Joe eventually regardless.
- Acquire: Steal it from Pieberry (keep clicking on it and go through Luna's dialogue until she uses the Mind Control spell) (Chapter 4)
- Skill: 2x AGI
Black Joe Icy Field (event) Black Joe is a guaranteed pet, but you can get him early using Lucca.
- Early Acquire: Defeat Pieberry in the race (must have Lucca set as your pet before the event trigger)
- Late Acquire: Mandatory event at the end of Chapter 4 (if not acquired in the race)
- Skill: Negates melee damage / Reduces ranged attacks by 50% three times. After the third time, he will become a Gold Nuuk and attack, then return to being an Ugly Bird. (Restarts the process.)
Zirconia Jr. Pope's Laboratory (for the spellbook)
(Chapter 5)
- Acquire: Craft the Zirconia Dragon's Egg with the spellbook found in the Pope's Laboratory.
- Skill: Slow, but raises DEF by 150%. Attacks for damage equal to DEF.