A list of Spells that Luna can learn in Witch Spring 2. She is capable of learning a wider array of magic than Pieberry can in the first game, and so magic works a bit differently.

There are five different types of magic Luna can learn: Common Offensive Magic, Flame, Thunder, Ice, and Healing.

Common Offensive Magic spells have no particular element attached to them. You only learn two spells of this type: one that Luna has at the start of the game, and another that can only be unlocked in post-game.

Flame magic can inflict continuous damage on the enemy, which is proportional to Luna's Magic Power. It grows stronger the more you continue to use Flame magic, increasing in increments of 10% with each hit until you reach 50 or 60%. The effect lasts up to 9 turns, and decreases in effectiveness every couple of turns until it reaches 0.

Thunder magic has the most base power of the different types of magic, but consumes the most MP in return. It leaves behind an electric field that lowers the target's physical and magical defense.

Ice magic deals the least amount of damage of the different types of magic, but it also uses the least amount of MP and slows down the enemy by freezing them. The amount that they are slowed down by increases as you use more Ice magic on them, until it reaches 60%.

Common Offensive MagicEdit

Magic-Power Compression Magic
Basic magic. Can be casted by focusing a small amount of Magic Power to a single spot, causing a small explosion after a few seconds.
Effectiveness 10 Magic Power Reflection 100% Acquired Automatically
Ecarr Vertel
A magic where you pour all of your mind and physical energy. Its damage is going to be proportional to your HP, MP, and Magic Power. Uses up all of your HP and MP.
Effectiveness ? Magic Power Reflection N/A Acquired Crafted

This spell is learned after acquiring the Old Magic Encyclopedia 2, which is found in the chest next to Aramute in post-game. This spell cannot be learned in the main game.

Flame MagicEdit

3-Circle Flame Pillar Magic
Basic Flame magic where pillars of flame are summoned to designated spot.
Effectiveness 25 Magic Power Reflection 120% Acquired Crafted

Thunder MagicEdit

Stage 3 Lightening Magic
Thunder magic where a strong lightening falls on a designated spot.
Effectiveness 80 Magic Power Reflection 160% Acquired Crafted

Ice MagicEdit

Healing MagicEdit

Healing Magic
Healing magic circle with which you can get HP restored in exchange for MP.
Effectiveness 60 Magic Power Reflection 20% Acquired Crafted


  • It is possible to craft the same spell multiple times, but doing so won't change anything. Don't bother.
  • It is actually better to use the Ice Hammer for Ice attacks if you acquire it; it can reach up to 70% effectiveness (more than you can get with Ice magic) without consuming MP, so you can use Flame or Thunder magic instead.