Witch Spring 3 is the third game in the Witch Spring series. It was developed by KiwiWalks under the direction of Suyoung Jang, the director of the previous two games. The game released on October 27, 2017 in Korean, English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. It costs $4.49 USD on the Google Play Store.

Set on the continent of Derkarr, a neighboring continent to Vavelia (the setting of the previous two games), the game's events are concurrent to Pieberry and Luna's story. This story follows a deity named Eirudy, who lives in seclusion in the dangerous Misty Forest with only dolls to accompany her. Longing to make real friends, she one day meets a Human boy and her life completely changes...

Like the other games in the series, Witch Spring 3 heavily rewards players for exploring and going outside of the main story requirements. There are also three different endings to the game (Light, Dark, and True), and post-game content following the Light and True paths.

Latest game version: 1.31, updated March 14, 2018 (on Google Play; iOS may be delayed)

Official DescriptionEdit

WitchSpring3 30sec

WitchSpring3 30sec. for GooglePlay

Official English trailer for Witch Spring 3

The story of a witch who is chased after by warriors. Eirudy, the Marionette Witch.
A story-based RPG with no additional in-app payments.

The witch Lives in her house in the Misty Forest, hidden from the warriors.
At home, she crafts tools and magic, and trains herself.
Outside, she explores around to find magical ingredients and often encounters warriors.

The witch wakes her dolls and uses them to fight against the warriors.
The lonely witch wants to wake her dolls so she can have friends, but her dolls are silent.

Sometimes recognized and praised by humans,
but sometimes hurt; Eirudy, a lonely witch.

Lead Eirudy, the Marionette Witch in the path of light.



  • Eirudy - A half-blooded Deity who controls dolls in battle.
  • Lukas - A deity kept in hiding by Johannes.
  • Eileen - A deity kept in hiding by Johannes.
  • Filia - A deity that lives in the Red Fox Forest.


  • Adrian - A human boy that Eirudy encounters, who is seeking a Soul Stone to restore his mother's health.
  • Esther - Adrian's mother and the wife of Regal. She is of frail health, but strives to do what's best for her people.
  • Regal - A Lord, Adrian's father, and Esther's husband. With the Pope, he defeated the Ancient Dragon and has taken control of the village. Despises witches.
  • Johannes - A boy that serves as Royal Secretary. Knowledgeable in magic and seeks to restore the deities.
  • Lewis - A mercenary whose duty is to protect Adrian.
  • Velita - A mercenary hired by Regal who serves Adrian.
  • Judith - The leader of the Dark Company.
  • Brad - A thief that Eirudy encounters throughout the story.


  • Raymond - The leader of the Lizardians. Dislikes Eirudy because he can sense Revgato's power from her.
  • Lize - A creature familiar with Raymond. Also seems to be connected to Revgato.
  • Revgato - A god of Derkarr. Only the Spring of Revgato remains alive.
  • Morell - The god of war, using Vahnter as a vessel. His spring has dried up.
  • Marii - The goddess of patience with a tie to Eileen. Her spring has dried up.
  • Monnet - A mysterious woman who appears to be a mercenary Regal hired from a foreign land.
  • Pieberry - A deity from Vavelia; main character of Witch Spring.
  • Luna - A deity from Vavelia; main character of Witch Spring 2.


  • Learn new skills through training or researching new tool-making techniques
  • Evolving battle menu as Eirudy is trained up
  • Three different growth paths: Swordsman, Magician, or Summoner (summons Dolls in battle)
  • New OST
  • You can enter Villages before post-game
  • Storyline choices
  • Two different endings; a good ending and a bad ending
  • Post-game content following the good ending with new locations, outfits, events, and battles


Like the previous two games, the game mainly focuses on material-gathering, item crafting, and training Eirudy so she becomes more powerful. Training and crafting are done in her home, while materials are gathered by exploring the world or defeating enemies.

Waking up dolls

Waking up Little Emilia

Dolls and the Soul Stone:
This game replaces the Pet system of the previous two games with Dolls. Prior to the game, Eirudy created a number of dolls (and was gifted some by her grandmother). By placing Vitality, which is gathered by defeating living enemies, into the Dolls, she can give them life and use them in battle.

To wake up or upgrade her Dolls, Eirudy needs to have the amount of Vitality needed in her Soul Stone. While she can only house up to 50 Vitality at the start of the game, starting from Chapter 2, she will be able to upgrade her Soul Stone so it can carry more Vitality and thus awaken more of her Dolls.

Exploring the Field:
Witch Spring 3 takes most of its field exploration from Witch Spring 2; there is no HP cost for gathering items (marked on the map with a glowing sphere), and some creatures need to be chased down to acquire their materials. Barring a few exceptions, the game is open-world and thus you can lead Eirudy into various places. Combat is largely optional, so it is possible for her to navigate areas with enemies far above her capabilities without risk of dying.

Witch Spring 3 boasts a more in-depth combat system than the previous two games, combining elements of its predecessors and adding some new features. While some Dolls can be summoned in the field as a mount, most Dolls can only be summoned in-battle with the Doll command. Unlike the previous two games where only one Pet could be used at a time, Eirudy can summon up to three Dolls in battle.

On top of summoning dolls, Eirudy can also gain Swordsmanship and Magical mastery, and even a blend of both with Magical Swordsmanship. As she trains, she is able to unlock more skills to use in battle. Most sword skills will cost HP, while magic costs MP. In certain parts of the story, Eirudy will unlock more abilities that she can use in battle, and so the options on the combat menu will increase.

This game also adds a Guard option, unlike the previous games where you could only use a physical attack, magic attack, an item, or flee (if possible). By Guarding, she can gain a certain amount of Defense for a turn and once she stops Guarding, she will restore a portion of her HP and MP.

Eirudy is also able to equip different weapons and accessories. Depending on the type of combat you have Eirudy specialize in, some weapons and accessories make for better combinations than others.



1. "How do I find the Maegrik Egg?"
In Caldaria Cave, defeat the Lavalord. Then, set Birdrock as your doll and walk into the lava. Eirudy will be able to cross the lava to the path on the other end. Follow that path and you will find the Maegrik Egg.

(Note: This isn't mentioned in the item description, but the Maegrik Egg can be consumed for +40 MAG.)

2. "What do I do in Southern Dragon Valley?" / "How do I fight the Maegrik Dragon?"
After you enter Southern Dragon Valley, open your inventory and use the Dragon Meat dropped by the Nannah Dragon you defeated beforehand. That will summon the Maegrik Dragon.

3. "How do I fight Maegrik Dragon Jr.?"
Starting in Chapter 3, go to Mt. Caldaria and go directly to the edge of the water at the very top of the mountain. This will trigger a battle against Maegrik Dragon Jr.

(Note: The Flaming Maegrik Dragon Scale it drops cannot be used for anything aside from forging a Maegrik Blade, or selling it for 3600 Gold.)

3. "How do I get the Legendary Weapon upgrades?"
Out of the three Legendary Weapons, only the Fine Blade Shubetha can be upgraded on any route. Both Armedak the Holy Sword and the Old Staff of Revgato require you to be on either the Light or True paths.

Fine Blade Shubetha → Za'rrel Shubetha: In Chapter 3, talk to the man in the Village of Lehert closest to the Lehert-reed entrance. He will give you the "Thieves in the Mine" optional quest. After completing the quest, he will reward you with Rare Metal. With the Rare Metal in your inventory, and with the Fine Blade Shubetha equipped, visit Za'rrel the Weaponmaker in the Weaponmaker's House. He will offer to upgrade the sword, so let him. This will give you the Za'rrel Shubetha.

Old Staff of Revgato → Staff of Revgato: After completing the events in the Temple of Marii and the Spring of Revgato - Root, Eirudy will be told to visit the Spring of Truth in Misty Forest. (It's the same spring that you get the Misty Spring Water from.) When Eirudy enters the vision, the Staff of Revgato will be floating behind her. Approach it to get the upgrade; if you don't, the staff will remain the Old Staff.

Armedak the Holy Sword: In the Temple of Marii, go into the hidden room. (You will see the entrance on the far left of the map. Tap on the entrance and Eirudy will automatically move to it.) By standing on the platform in the hidden room, you will undergo Marii's Trial of Patience. As long as you have more than a total of 996 HP + MP, you can clear the Trial. After withstanding it, Armedak will learn Ecarr Vertel as its weapon skill. (Eirudy will also learn the spell Ecarr Vertel regardless of whether she has Armedak or not.)



Infinity damage

Infinity Damage

  • The maximum amount of damage that can be dealt in the game is Infinity. (As of the 1.08 update, it has either been patched out to properly depict the numerical damage, or the amount of damage needed to hit Infinity damage has increased. So far, the highest numerical damage I've seen inflicted is 1,636,950,016.)
  • This is the first Witch Spring game without a Reputation system.
  • An official art contest was held for the game between December 2017 and January 2018, before the post-game's release. The results can be seen here.

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