As with the previous two games, Witch Spring 3 has various mandatory and optional events that can be seen in the story. Like the previous two games, Eirudy has a journal that summarizes past story events, gives hints as to what to do next to proceed with the story, and tells you various sidequest and side objectives that you can accomplish.

There are three different game paths in game: the Light path, the True Path, and the Dark Path. The path separates at The Bitter Betrayal (Chapter 3) and Grandmother's Worst Doll (Chapter 4) events. See Witch Spring 3/Endings for further details.

Only the True path will have access to all equipment, events, pets, outfits, and spells during the game. However, some CGs are only unlocked in the Dark or Light paths, so playing multiple paths is required to 100% the game.

After clearing the game on the Light or True paths, the game will continue into the after story, which contains new events and equipment. View Witch Spring 3/Post-Game for more details.

Main Story EventsEdit

This guide will tell you how to get through the story. However, the events do not necessarily need to be followed immediately, so you are free to explore in between events.

Chapter 1: Marionette WitchEdit

  1. Leave the Marionette House and pick up Mistyleaf.
  2. Head west to Western Misty Forest and defeat the Wild Boar.
  3. Teleport back to the Marionette House and go downstairs to the Doll Storage to awaken Little Emilia.
  4. After awakening Little Emilia, head to Western Misty Forest and defeat the Fog Toad.
  5. Teleport back home, tap on the Magic Pot to craft a Magic Circle with the material dropped by the Fog Toad, then tap on the Magic Book to equip it.
  6. After all that, the game will explain training, which is necessary for learning new skills (along with certain stat requirements)***
  7. Go to Western Misty Forest and head south to defeat the Fog Golem (the Witch will not head north because of soldiers blocking the path).
  8. Teleport back to the Marionette House and tap on the Sleep Cushion to sleep, then tap on the Diary to save the game progress (it's recommended to save the game often and at critical point where some decision may alter the ending).

***In order to get more training count (level up) the Witch need to:

  1. Complete more task (Journal/Goal) or
  2. Complete optional side quest or
  3. Craft items
Trace of the Wild Boar
  1. Go to the spot where the Witch defeated the Fog Golem and pass through it to enter Misty Cave.
  2. Follow the footprints, it will lead the Witch to the Wild Boar for a cutscene.
  3. After meeting Adrian and being named Eirudy, teleport back home.
The Missing Rabbit
  1. After leaving home, Eirudy will notice that something is missing.
  2. Approach the post that usually the rabbit doll is on, and Failur will sense some trace of magic coming from the Western Misty Forest.
  3. Go to Misty Cave. Upon entering, Eirudy will catch a glimpse of the Wild Boar and follow it to the area where she met Adrian.
  4. Upon approaching the bushes, she will notice a breeze. After that, she is given the option to enter.
  5. Going through the bushes will take her to the Wild Boar Habitat and search around for her rabbit doll, followed by a cutscene where she wants to explore further.
  6. Head west into South Shubeth Road. After the cutscene, Eirudy and Adrian will work together to fight off two boars (in order to conceal her identity, she will not use summoning, magic, or magic swordsmanship)
Underground Misty Cave
  1. Return to Misty Cave and head to the area where blue mysterious light powder is coming up. Upon approaching it, you will be given and option to climb down the rope. Doing so brings her to the Underground Misty Cave.
  2. Upon going down and activating the Teleportation Magic Circle, head further into the room. (There is another entrance even deeper into the cave, which leads to the Ice Cave, but Eirudy will not enter until she has found Adrian).
  3. After defeating the two Lizardians, Eirudy will have to follow Adrian again. (She can pick up the Explorer's Lamp Adrian dropped, which will be used in the Shezarian Souls optional side quest.)
  4. Follow Adrian deeper into the cave and fight another set of Lizardians
  5. Follow Adrian once again to the next area, the Spring of Revgato - Root. A cutscene will occur, then Eirudy will battle Raymond and his Lizardians with Lize's help.
  6. After the battle, head to the other side of the area for another cutscene.
  7. After Adrian heads north, follow him to South Shubeth Road and Eirudy will witness him being dragged away by a pair of soldiers.
  8. Follow him up to Shubeth Road. Here, Eirudy will meet Hector, who reassures her that Adrian was immediately released.
  9. After Hector leaves, teleport home and Eirudy decides to pay her grandmother a visit.

Chapter 2: Witch Who Gives Life Edit

Starting in Chapter 2, Eirudy can do various tasks (in particular, completing Goals) which will speed up her training count. It can also be sped up by allowing time to pass (crafting, sleeping).

Chapter 2 also has two storyline choices that will decide your route choices at the end of Chapter 3. Choosing to help the wagon or tell Adrian the location of your house will allow you the option to trust Adri in Chapter 3 (which gives you the Light path); if you do neither of those things, though, you cannot go down the Light path.

Visiting Grandmother
  1. Leave home and head east to the Eastern Misty Forest, then head to the northeast corner to find Grandmother's House
  2. Grandmother will give Eirudy a Boar Doll (upstairs, Prototype Warrie is lying on the floor and Eirudy may take it back to her Doll Storage)
  3. After finding out how to upgrade the Soul Stone, return to the Eastern Misty Forest. Head south to battle Moss Golem which you need to defeat to get Misty Spring Water
  4. Head east to Darkstone Cave. Defeat the Darkman for their Dark Magic Stones
  5. Return home and crafting Soul Stone lv.2
Visiting Hector the Veteran
  1. After upgrading the Soul Stone, Eirudy will decide to see Hector again. He will be on the eastern side of Shubeth Road
  2. He will give her his Battle Sack as an accessory before entering a mock battle with him
  3. After defeating him, return home
Meeting Adrian
  1. Go to Western Misty Forest and head north. Eirudy will spot Adrian along with Johannes, Lewis and Velita. A Fog Toad is in their path
  2. Eirudy will join the fight, with the same restrictions as her previous battle alongside Adrian
  3. After the battle, Eirudy will give Adrian the Soul Stone and he runs off with his companions. Remembering that humans can't use Soul Stones, she decides to follow him.
  4. Head north towards Northren Misty Forest. You will encounter a Shubethian Warrior and do battle with him. Then, continue to North Lehert-reed.

Optional Events: After entering North Lehert-reed, you can go south instead of north and complete the Mullet Scale Coat optional quest. (You can complete this quest at any point in the game after this.)

Thieves Harassing the Driver
  1. Upon entering North Lehert-reed, head north. Eirudy will see three thieves attacking a wagon driver. You have the option to rescue or ignore the wagon driver.
    1. Help: Defeat the thieves, and the wagon driver will offer to help sneak Eirudy into Shubeth Village.
    2. Ignore: Eirudy will run past the wagon driver and head into Shubeth Village Eastern Gate, but is unable to enter Shubeth Village through the eastern gate. To enter, head to the northwest end of the map to find a ditch underneath the wall. Approaching it will give Eirudy option to crawl in (Eirudy still can complete Brad side quest)
  2. Upon entering Shubeth Village, head to the center, then north toward a gate guarded by two soldiers and Johannes will show up to escort Eirudy in.

(It's recommended to save your progress before heading into Shubeth Village and approaching the soldiers. The "Legendary Weapons" event will give you a choice between three weapons, but you cannot save between approaching the soldiers and leaving Shubeth Village.)

Optional Events: You can start the "Khan Za'rrel" sidequest by visiting him in his house in the east side of Shubeth Village Eastern Gate. Eirudy probably won't be able to defeat an Ancient Dragon at this point, though, unless you've done some serious grinding. (You can complete this quest at any point in the game after this.)

The Legendary Weapons

"The Legendary Weapons" - Eirudy's choices

  1. After Eirudy enters the mansion, head upstairs to save Adrian's mother Esther
  2. After saving Esther, Adrian will offer Eirudy one of his family's three heirlooms. To find the secret passage that leads to the Heirloom Chamber, go across the hall then approach the bookshelf
  3. Head inside to enter Heirloom Chamber. You will be given the option to chose one of the three weapons that suit the current play-style. (Each weapon has a secret upgrade that can be unlocked later in the story; see here)
  4. After choosing a weapon, there will be a cutscene where Adrian asks Eirudy the location of her house. She has the option to tell or refuse to. While the choice has no immediate storyline effect, it may affect your choices in Chapter 3's final decision. (See the top of Chapter 2's section.)
  5. There will be a series of cutscenes where the Pope senses Eirudy and after narrowly escaping, Eirudy will teleport home automatically

(It is recommended to save here; there will be another cutscene coming up.)

The Dangerous Invitation
  1. After escaping the pursuit, leave home and go to the northern part of Western Misty Forest. Eirudy will find and approach Adrian and Lewis, who are bickering
  2. Adrian will offer her a dinner invitation, which then gives you the option to follow immediately, or visit his house after getting ready
    1. Follow him: Eirudy will be at the Lord's Mansion / Adrian's house for the lavish dinner
    2. Prepare first: Follow the same steps as the Ignore option back at the "Thieves Harassing the Driver" event. Walk toward the two soldiers guarding the gate for dinner
  3. After a cutscene, Eirudy will battle four soldiers, then teleports home automatically.
  4. Go to Shubeth Road to find Hector for a short conversation, then teleport home to train.
  5. There will be a final cutscene with Adrian and Johannes that ends Chapter 2.

Chapter 3: Savior On The Run Edit

Village of Lehert
  1. Go to North Lehert-reed and then head south to Lehert-reed.
  2. Further south there will be scene where Adrian, Johannes, and the Wagon Driver's path is being blocked by a Giant Desert Scorpion. Fight off the Giant Desert Scorpion.
  3. Head east in Lehert-reed and enter Wardilum with Adrian. Defeat the Desert Scorpions in the path so the Wagon Driver can deliver food to the mysterious altar.
  4. After the cutscene, head back to Lehert-reed and continue south to enter the Village of Lehert.
  5. Upon entering, look for Johannes, who is talking to the Lehert Village Chief. This will prompt the event where Eirudy have to save the workers trapped in the Lehert Mine.

Optional Events:

Lehert Mine
  1. Run along the narrow path while defeating Giant Bat that's threatening the workers. After saving all the humans, Eirudy's path will be blocked off, but Adrian saves her. (If you revisit the mines later, the path will be cleared up.)
  2. After a series of cutscenes, Eirudy will teleport back home automatically to train while waiting for news from Adrian regarding the location of other deities.
The Lonely Food
  1. After training for ten days (two training counts) there is still no news from Adrian, so Eirudy decides to look for him.
  2. Go to the northern part of the Western Misty Forest. Eirudy will spot a lost Velita, who then gives her a letter from Adrian about "lonely food."
  3. Head to Wardilum. There a couple of soldiers attacking a talking staff. After Eirudy approaches the soldiers, Lewis will show up, trapping Eirudy and instigating a battle.
  4. After Eirudy defeats them, Lewis will pull back. She then approaches the staff, and talks to it before the actual deity behind it, Lukas, introduces himself. As he mentions his sister, he gets a distress signal from her and decides to run off in search of her. Eirudy decides to follow him and back him up.
The Red Ribbon Letter
  1. As it is now, Eirudy will not be able to pass Lehert Desert to Village of Ziv because there is a giant burrow with a Deathworm. Talk to the Lehert Village Chief for a Desert Fox Bomb. It will drive out the Deathworm from its hole.
  2. Head back to where the burrow is in Lehert Desert and use the bomb. Eirudy will throw the bomb to smoke Deathworm out of its burrow. Angered, the Deathworm will completely emerge from its hole and you will have to defeat it.
  3. After defeating it, continue past the burrow to enter the Village of Ziv.


  • This battle is not considered a special event battle. If you lose against the Deathworm, Eirudy will teleport back home instead of being given a game over. However, you cannot obtain another Desert Fox Bomb and the Deathworm will retreat back to its hole. So, should you lose, you will have to load up a previous save.
  • It is possible to skimmer at the east side of the hole, so Eirydy will be "pushed" toward Village of Ziv when Deathworm springs out, doing so technically breaks the game and prevents acquiring Desert Fox Cub as doll.
The Spring of Marii
  1. After entering the Village of Ziv, there will be short cutscene with a mysterious Dark Knight. She will be leaving after exchanging glances with Eirudy.
  2. Afterwards, head to the other side of the town and enter Derkarr Road. There is nothing much in this particular area and it just serve as a crossroad to various places. Eirudy's destination will be on the most northwestern part of Derkarr Road, the Forest of Marii.
    1. To clear the "Derkarr Gorge" goal, you need to enter it from Derkarr Road's entrance.
  3. Eirudy won't be able to proceed further because of Laaga, Eileen's guardian animal. You will have to defeat it to proceed.
  4. Continue forward and talk to Lukas. Lukas will inform Eirudy that Eileen isn't home. Failur will sense a trace Eileen's magic coming from the Spring of Marii. Head there and a cutscene will play.
  5. After that cutscene, the group sees an Ancient Dragon heading toward the Village of Ziv, so Lukas and Eileen teleport to Ziv to stop it. Eirudy chases after them by foot.
  6. When Eirudy arrives at the center of the Village of Ziv, the three of them work together to bring down the Ancient Dragon. However, it manages to survive, and heads toward the Village of Lehert. Chase after it again.

(It's recommended to save here; as the first decision for path difference is near)

The Bitter Betrayal
  1. Head to the Village of Lehert. There Eirudy and Lukas will fight against the Ancient Dragon one more time. This time the Ancient Dragon is out of melee range; only magic and magic swordsmanship can hurt it.
  2. The villager cheer for the deity for defending their village. But this is short-lived as Regal enters the village with his army behind him. Using his superior authority and might, he re-establishes his authority over the village by killing defenseless villagers. He forces them to side against the deities and betray them, to Lukas' rage and Eirudy's despair. The two flee the village into the Lehert Desert.
  3. Lukas will talk about his bitter experience being betrayed the first time. Then, he asks Eirudy's opinion about humans, which prompts a decision between three choices:
    1. "Adri is different. I trust Adri.": This immediately takes Eirudy to Chapter 4: Tri-Caliber, which ends on the Light path.
    2. "I don't know." or "No Human can be trusted.": Both of these options start Eirudy down Chapter 4: Dark Path. There will be a later choice that decides whether she fully goes down the Dark Path, or if she switches to the True Path (which shares an ending with the Light path).
  4. Afterwards, Eirudy will return home. With a heavy heart, she decides to confirm if the villagers really meant what they said.
Human Nature
  1. Head to back to the Village of Lehert and talk to the Lehert Village Chief. Eirudy will find herself attacked by four warriors.
  2. After the battle, Eirudy angrily notes that the warriors had gone after her with killing intent. The Chief calls her a disaster for the village and a tool for Esther and Johannes. Shocked by his words, Eirudy teleports home immediately in despair.
  3. After another cutscene, Eirudy decides to visit Grandmother.

Chapter 4: Tri-CaliberEdit

The Light Path jumps directly to this section. The True Path will eventually follow this section as well, after completing the events in Chapter 4: Dark Path.

The Temple of Morell
  1. Go to the Spring of Morell, at the northeast corner of the Lehert Desert if you have not already been there. (If you have, you can just teleport to the magic circle at the Spring of Morell.)
  2. Enter the Temple of Morell. Walk up to the door at the central corridor. It will absorb Eirudy's Vitality, but do nothing else. Go back down the stairs and go to either side corridor. The formerly-empty pools will now be filled with water. Enter them to see two visions.
    1. Pool on the right has a vision about countless Mummy wanting a piece of Eirudy. To escape this vision Eirudy just have to stay still and do nothing. (If you tap on the screen, she will knock away the mummies, but they will keep coming after her.)
    2. Pool on the left has a vision about a Giant Mummy attacking Eirudy. To escape this vision, you can immediately just Flee. (The Giant Mummy will return to full HP every time it's depleted, if you fight it, the vision will only ends when you lose, potentially draining soul stone if its full and at a level that can restore health.)
  3. After witnessing both vision, go back to the main door. The closed door now open for Eirudy. In there, Vahnter is waiting and after defeating it:
    1. Light Path: Eirudy will gain Vahnter as her doll and a 20% boost to all stats
    2. True Path: Eirudy will gain Vhanter as her doll only
The Temple of Marii

Light Path

  1. Go to Forest of Marii and talk to Laaga. Head to the Spring of Marii, which is empty. Return to Laaga, and he will open up Temple of Marii on the list of teleport locations.
    1. Upon entering the Temple of Marii, it is recommended that Eirudy acquire the optional event and treasure chest first.
  2. Find Lukas and Eileen at the upper floor facing north. In the following cut-scene, they will tell Eirudy to head to the pool of water on the platform across from where they were standing.
  3. Upon entering the pool of water, a cutscene plays where Eirudy finds out that Adrian is in danger. She will rush to Shubeth Village off-screen. Eirudy will fight two squads of enemies before Regal takes her down and imprisons her.
  4. In prison, a Shubethian Soldier will free Eirudy. However, the deed is exposed by a captain, revealing the Shubethian Soldier is Adrian. After defeating the soldiers, Eirudy will rescue Johannes and head back down, only to be intercepted by more soldiers.
  5. At this moment Lukas and Eileen will come to Eirudy's rescue and the group escapes to Ziv Mine - Secret Base.
  6. After a cutscene, Eirudy decides to visit the Spring of Revgato (Root). Refer to "Inside the Spring of Revgato" below. (Note: Even though she says the Spring of Revgato, she really means the Spring of Revgato - Root. It's the area to the far left of the Underground Misty Cave that you entered in Chapter 1.)

True Path

  1. Visit Laaga directly, and he will open up the path to the Temple of Marii. Unlike the Light path, Lukas and Eileen won't be there (as they are helping Johannes instead of hiding from Shubeth).
    1. As with the Light path, you can complete the optional event and open the treasure chest.
  2. Head to the pool facing south at the upper floor.
  3. Upon entering the pool of water, there is a cutscene where Adrian gives her a last cup. Eirudy feel it was a weird vision, but didn't ponder about it too much as she is planning to visit Spring of Revgato.
Inside the Spring of Revgato
  1. Head to Spring of Revgato - Root and Eirudy will find Raymond is there waiting for her challenging Eirudy to a fight. Defeat him.
  2. Head to Eastern Misty Forest. Defeat the Moss Golem and after collecting the spring's water, head further into the spring
  3. In the vision, follow the glowing trail to each of the vessels. Approach them, and they will fill with water and the area comes to life. Do so for all three vessels, and then the vision ends
  4. Return to the Secret Base. Refer to "Breaking into the Dark Company's Cave" below.

(If Eirudy chose the Old Staff of Revgato as the Legendary Weapon back in Chapter 2, the upgraded version of the staff will spawn behind Eirudy upon entering the spring. See this section for Armedak's upgrade, and this section for the Fine Blade Shubetha's upgrade)

Breaking into the Dark Company's Cave
  1. Teleport to the Secret Base and talk to Johannes. He will brief Eirudy about the plan to threaten the Dark Company.
  2. The Dark Company's Cave is located northeast of Derkarr Road. Upon entering, Eirudy won't be able to pass through the gate. So open up inventory and use Red Mask (Red Mask is dropped by the Shubethian Red Assassins in Shubeth Road)
  3. While Eirudy has a disguise, she becomes too suspicious. The guards open up the gate to eliminate her, as she knows about their hideout. However, she takes the opportunity to charge into the base and fights some of the men in the hideout. Afterwards, a cutscene will play.
The Missing Captain
  1. You need to find a person who supposedly fought alongside Regal during the Ancient Dragon's attack on Shubeth, but then disappeared afterwards.
  2. Go to the Village of Ziv, then head to the dried-up well at the center of the village.
  3. There is a Ziv Villager standing in front of a merchant. Talk to him to gain information about the person Eirudy is looking for.
  4. Head west toward the exit to Derkarr Road. Before exiting, there is a house that the Ziv Villager mentioned.
  5. Approach it and Eirudy will find her target, but he runs off toward the Ziv Mine.
  6. Follow him to Ziv Mine and you will encounter him again at the upper ledge of the cave. He will try to take care of you, so defeat him. The scene will automatically move on to the next cutscene.
Operation: Dragontail Destruction
  1. Head to Dragontail which is located north of Shubeth Road. Upon reaching Dragontail there will be a cut-scene
  2. After losing Failur, Eirudy decided to proceed finding information about Devil's Heart
  3. Head to Dragon Valley which is west of Shubeth Road
The Dragon's Nest
  1. In Dragon Valley there are three path Eirudy can take but her destination would be the middle path
  2. At Soul Cave Enterance Eirudy will have to fight an Ancient Dragon in order to pass. Make it into a dragon soup
  3. Finally arrive at Soul Cave itself. Walk along the path and at the end of the cave Eirudy will meet Monnet once again
  4. After a short conversation between the two, Monnet was provoked and challenge Eirudy into a fight. Make her regret it. Once she is defeated she will start explaining to Eirudy
  5. Head back to Dragontail to find Failur and Teleport back to Ziv Mine - Secret Base for a cut-scene
The Coup d'état
  1. After finding out Adrian's Father treachery, Eirudy and friends decided to impeach Regal and rescue Esther with an unexpected help
  2. Talk to Johannes in Ziv Mine - Secret Base when Eirudy is ready to start the Shubethian Revolution.
    1. Note: Once you start the attack on Shubeth Castle, you cannot complete any more side objectives. Make sure to finish everything you want to get done before talking to Johannes!
  3. Head toward Shubeth Castle as wave of soldiers trying to stop Eirudy
  4. Eventually Regal will showed up with the help from Monnet and Ancient Dragon he is determine to defeat Eirudy. Defeat him and the Ancient Dragon followed up by series of cut-scene that will conclude this chapter and bring you to Chapter 5.

Chapter 4: Dark PathEdit

Grandmother's Worst Doll
  1. After visiting Grandmother, Eirudy will be given new outfit and a key to the basement in her Doll Storage
  2. Open the basement door and move toward Dark Marionette Chamber
  3. At the bottom of this basement there is a huge evil looking doll called Bernick. Eirudy will have to defeat it in order to make it her own
  4. Out of nowhere the rabbit doll in front of her home make a ruckus after spotting human
  5. Eirudy will face them while trying out her new doll killing everyone but leaving Velita heavily injured begging for Eirudy to spare her life
    1. "Eat her soul.": This option will lead Eirudy further down into Dark Path
    2. "Let her go.": This option will lead Eirudy to the True Path; it will continue following the Dark Path until the end of The Twisted Fate
  6. Eirudy is not strong enough so she will have to hunt human and collect their Soul Debris in order to to craft Red Soul Stone
Fateful Encounter
  1. There will be a few warrior invading Misty Forest to hunt her. So Eirudy decided to take this matter into her own hand
  2. Head outside Marionette House and she will encounter a warrior claiming that she killed his brother
  3. After taking care of the warrior, head to Western Misty Forest and she will be attack again but this time by a Red Ghost but missed the chance to take his vitality
  4. Head north and Eirudy will encounter a familiar face. Hector is here to stop Eirudy as he mourn for his junior
Big Game Hunter
  1. After defeating all three warrior nearby, Eirudy decided to hunt for more human by clearing all the mercenary camp
    1. Shubeth Mercenary Camp is located north-east of Shubeth Road
    2. Shubeth Mercenary Camp-East is located east of North Lehert-reed
    3. Lehert Mercenary Camp is located west of Village of Lehert
    4. Shubeth Mercenary Camp-South is located at the most western part of Derkarr Road
  2. After clearing the last in no particular order, Eirudy will ambushed by Red Ghost
  3. Now it's time to meet Adrian. Head to Shubeth Road and move toward Shubeth Castle. Eirudy will be ambushed by some soldiers.
  4. When Eirudy is about to kill the soldiers' captain, the Red Ghost appear, attacking Eirudy from behind but to no avail.
The Twisted Fate
  1. Move along the path and Eirudy will be greeted by a couple angry soldiers
  2. Next by Shubeth Castle Defense Captain and four of his soldiers.
    1. If you chose to spare Velita earlier, the story will split to the True Path after this section.
  3. Finally, Eirudy reaches the castle itself. Lewis is guarding the door, and a cutscene will play.
  4. After the cut-scene, Eirudy have to fight Adrian and Lewis. In the end Eirudy will kill Lewis.

Chapter 4: True Path Edit

The True Path follows the events of the Dark Path up to the end of The Twisted Fate. When you reach Shubeth Castle, both Lewis and Velita will be guarding the door and a different cutscene will occur.

The light that comes only once
  1. After the cutscene, Eirudy will be at Ziv Mine - Secret Base along with Adrian, Johannes, Lukas and Eileen discussing their next step. Just before Eirudy is about to return home, Eileen ropes Eirudy into another conversation.
  2. Afterwards, head to Grandmother's House and Eirudy will tell Grandmother that she found the light that Grandmother mentioned.
  3. Refer to Chapter 4: Tri-Caliber

Chapter 5: The Last CupEdit

This is the continuation of Chapter 4: Tri-Caliber or True Path. All movement, events, and cutscenes are scripted.

There is only one event in Chapter 5, which is battling Monnet and an Ancient Dragon. Everything after that is a cutscene straight to the ending credits.

Chapter 5: Witch AstrayEdit

This is the continuation of Chapter 4: Dark Path

  1. Head to Village of Lehert and toward Lehert Mercenary Camp; defeat the soldiers in your path.
  2. Before entering the Lehert Mercenary Camp, Monnet will try to stop Eirudy from entering. Defeat her.
  3. Enter the Lehert Mercenary Camp for the final showdown (Eirudy vs. Regal and Ancient Dragon). Everything afterwards is a cutscene straight to the Dark Ending.

Optional EventsEdit

The optional events are listed by order of which chapter and event you can start acquiring them in. Most of them can be completed at any point, but there are some exceptions which have been noted in their entries.

All of these events need to be completed before the final attack on Shubeth Castle with Adrian. Some events are completely non-accessible on the Dark Path.

Shezarian SoulsEdit

  • Unlock: Chapter 1
  • Location: Ice Cave

If you can beat the Ice Golem, you can go down even further into the cave. Use the lamp Adrian dropped to go inside the chamber. The souls of the Shezarians will request that you defeat the Ghost of Darkness that has been plaguing them for centuries.

After you find the Ghost of Darkness, which is located in the main level of the Ice Cave, in the empty corner in the southwest-most section of the cave, return to them. After that, you can go further into the chamber and pick up the accessory Shezarian Woodpiece.

Gate in South Shubeth RoadEdit

  • Unlock: Chapter 1 (after the "Underground Misty Cave" event)
  • Location: South Shubeth Road

After completing the unlock prerequisites, you can open the gate in the west side of South Shubeth Road, across from the entrance to the Wild Boar Habitat. In order to open it, you need to defeat a Shubethian Red Assassin, two of which are found in Shubeth Road. With one of their masks in her your inventory, walk up to the gate. Eirudy will place the mask on the gate and it will open, allowing her to enter the Base of the Shubethian Red Assassins.

After entering, she will enter battle with five Red Assassins; three regular members and two elite. Defeating them will allow you to access the three chests behind them, which all contain gold (20,000G).

Mullet Scale CoatEdit

Starting in Chapter 2, you can go down to the Coastal Cave and fight Mullet. After defeating it, you will attain a Mullet Scale.

If you return to Lehert with the scale, and approach the merchant at the northwest end of the map, he will offer his finest armor in exchange for the Mullet's Scale. He will then give you the Mullet Scale Coat.

Za'rrel the WeaponmakerEdit

Khan Za'rrel

  • Unlock: Chapter 2
  • Location: Weaponmaker's House (in Shubeth Village Eastern Gate)

Talk to Za'rrel the Weaponmaker. He will give you two options: buy the incomplete Khan Za'rrel for 12,000 Gold or acquire an Ancient Dragon's Claw so he can complete it.

Acquire a Claw by defeating an Ancient Dragon; the one that is easier to beat is in the Soul Cave Entrance. Give one to him, and he will complete the sword and give it to Eirudy as a gift.

This is the only requirement for his side-story and will fill in his spot in the final illustration. However, completing this is also a prerequisite for the "Za'rrel Shubetha" event below.

Za'rrel Shubetha

  • Unlock: Chapter 3 (after the "Bandits in the Mine" event), have Rare Metal (from "Bandits in the Mine"), chose Fine Blade Shubetha in Chapter 2, "Khan Za'rrel" event completed
  • Location: Weaponmaker's House

With Fine Blade Shubetha equipped and the Rare Metal in your inventory, go back to Za'rrel the Weaponmaker. He will then exchange dialogue with Eirudy before upgrading the sword.

After this event, he will have new generic dialogue if you talk to him, but this subquest is not mandatory for his final illustration.

Brad's StoryEdit

Bandits in the Mine

  • Unlock: Chapter 3 (after "Rescue the Miners" main story event)
  • Location: Lehert Mine

In Chapter 3 only, after finishing the Rescue the Miners storyline event, speak to the man near the entrance to Lehert at the top of the map, standing in front of a stall. He will tell you that thieves stole a chest full of money, then fled into the mine.

Head into the mine, and go up to the area that had previously collapsed. (During the Rescue the Miners event, you could not go up there.) After going up the path, you will find 3 giant bats harassing the thieves. Defeat the bats. Afterwards, the villager will give you a Rare Metal.

This subquest is a requirement for completing Brad's side-story. If you chose to take the Fine Blade Shubetha in Chapter 2, the Rare Metal is one of the requirements for upgrading it into the Za'rrel Shubetha.

  • Note: Must be completed during Chapter 3; other quests for this optional storyline can be completed up until the end of Chapter 4.

Derkarr East Shore

  • Unlock: Chapter 3 ("Bandits in the Mine" completed)
  • Location: Derkarr East Shore

After completing "Bandits in the Mine," you can find Brad again in Derkarr East Shore. Eirudy does not gain anything from the event, but it is necessary for the last part of his side-story. You do not need to complete this event in Chapter 3.

Saving Brad

  • Unlock: Chapter 3 ("Derkarr East Shore" completed)
  • Location: Southern Lehert Desert

The last time you see Brad is in the Southern Lehert Desert, behind the large rock towards the southeast side of the map.

Give him water, and he will give you 10,000 gold. After that, he will appear in the final illustration and on the title screen.

Hector and the Champion's SwordEdit

  • Unlock: Chapter 3 (between "Village of Lehert" and "The Red Ribbon Letter" main story events)
  • Location: Shubeth Road

Go back to the usual meeting spot with Hector, and he will give you the Champion's Sword. Afterwards, he will mention that this is the last time he will go on a walk, as he has been asked to teach younger generations of soldiers.

After the event, Hector will appear in the final illustration and on the title screen.

  • Note: You will not be able to clear this event after "The Red Ribbon Letter" event.
    • A bug in the first release of the game could cause this event to play twice (by completing the event, entering a nearby area, and then returning to Hector's normal spot). The bug also caused the event to be treated as though it wasn't seen when the final illustration plays. This bug was fixed in later updates.

Meeting FiliaEdit

  • Unlock: Chapter 3
  • Location: Red Fox Forest

Go into the Red Fox Forest, to the back of the forest across form the entrance. You'll find a weird fox that runs off.

Leave the forest, and then come back. Defeat the tree monster and then go to the left side of the map, where there's a teleport circle, and you'll enter a cutscene with Filia.

Leave the forest again, come back, and there will be a mandatory fight against the giant tree enemy in the forest.

Leave the forest again, come back, and Filia will be attacked by two Shubethian High-Ranked Soldiers. One soldier will kill the other soldier, so you only have to defeat one of them.

After that, Filia will give you her staff (Staff of Filia) and return home. There are no more events after this, and you won't see her again even if you go to the Red Fox Forest.

Meeting Filia will put her on the Title Screen, and completing all the events fills in her illustration on the final illustration.

  • Note: I've seen people get the staff but she still didn't appear in their ending illustrations. It's either a glitch, or you have to equip her staff at least once.
    • This event can be completed in the after story, but naturally will not fill her space in the final illustration. Her Staff of Filia will be its upgraded form that can be acquired in the post game for players who complete this in the main story.

The Desert Fox CubEdit

Taking the desert fox

Choosing to take the dead fox cub

  • Unlock: Chapter 3 (after "The Red Ribbon Letter" main story event)
  • Location: Southern Lehert Desert

If you enter the Southern Lehert Desert in Chapter 2 or the beginning of Chapter 3, you will notice a dead fox lying on the ground but it does not prompt anything.

However, if you go there after killing the Deathworm in Chapter 3, you will find a Giant Scorpion and four red scorpions with a group of dead foxes. Kill the scorpions, and then if you approach the dead fox closest to the wall, you have the option to take it or leave it. If you take it, Eirudy sends it back to the Marionette House and you can inject Vitality into it to turn it into a doll.

Finding the Missing HusbandEdit

  • Unlock: Chapter 4
  • Location: Lehert Village (sidequest start), Temple of Morell (sidequest completion)

In Chapter 4, go back to Lehert Village. A woman will be standing at the southern end of the map, next to the exit to the Lehert Desert. If you speak to her, she mentions that her husband went to the Temple of Morell to acquire treasure but has not returned.

If you take the subquest, head into the Temple of Morell, up to where Vahnter was located. Defeat the scorpions, then head further in to where the treasure chest is. The woman's husband will be there, and after speaking to him, he will give you a Silver Pendant.

Marii's Treasure Chest and Ecarr VertelEdit

  • Hidden passageway (see minimap)
  • The trial of patience
  • The invisible passageway after clearing the trial of patience
  • Unlock: Chapter 4 (Light/True Paths, once you gain access to the Temple of Marii)
  • Location: Temple of Marii

At the Temple of Marii, the minimap will reveal a hidden passageway that leads behind the visible section of the temple, which allows you to enter another room. (If you cannot find the path to the passageway: in screen touch mode, tap on the front of the passageway, and Eirudy will automatically find her way there.)

Once you enter that room, approach the edge of the platform. In the Light path, Eileen will inform Eirudy about the Trial of Patience. In the True path, Marii will speak into Eirudy's mind.

Stand on the platform at the end and wait. A pillar of light will blast Eirudy for 996 damage. It will first drain her HP, and if she runs out of HP, it will drain her MP until the requirement is satisfied, or she runs out of MP as well. If she cannot withstand the test, Eirudy will pull herself out of the test without repercussion, aside from having 0 HP/MP.


Upgraded Armadek after clearing Marii's Trial of Patience

If she withstands the test, she will learn the spell Ecarr Vertel, a spell that calculates damage based on Eirudy's maximum HP, MP, and Magic Power. If you chose Armedak the Holy Sword as Adrian's treasure back in Chapter 2, Ecarr Vertel will also be unlocked as the sword's special skill. (The trial can only be cleared once.)

After clearing the trial, continue going forward, beyond the platform. There is an invisible pathway that leads you to the treasure chest, which contains the Pendant of Patience.

Dark CompanyEdit

Note: In order to complete the "Judith" subquest, "Dark Company" Parts 1/2 must be completed before the "Breaking into the Dark Company's Cave" main story event (Light/True Paths only), and "Judith" must be completed before "Operation: Dragontail".

Dark Company, Part 1

  • Unlock: Chapter 4 (all paths?)
  • Location: Ziv Village (sidequest start), Derkarr Road (sidequest completion)

In order for the sidequest character to appear, you must have Eirudy approach the Dark Company members at the south of Derkarr Road. (This can be done starting in Chapter 3.)

In Chapter 4, go to Ziv Village. There will be a woman standing closer to the bottom center of the map, standing between the fountain and the house. (She will block the path between the main town center and Vendora the Merchant.)

If you talk to her, she will complain about the Dark Company that block the path and request that you defeat them for her. After doing so, she gives you a reward before she enters South Pier.

Dark Company, Part 2

  • Unlock: Chapter 4 (after "Dark Company, Part 1"), on the Light/True Paths(?)
  • Location: Ziv Village (sidequest start), Derkarr Road (sidequest completion)

After completing the first part, see the same woman in Ziv. This time, she asks you to take care of the Dark Company in front of South Pier for good. After you do so, she gives you a red gem. However, right afterwards, Judith will approach Eirudy. She tells Eirudy that the gem can only be used in the royal palace and is thus useless in her hands, and gives an offer to buy the gem off her.

If you accept the deal, you gain 10,000 gold. You will also be able to unlock the "Judith" event after the "Breaking into the Dark Company's Cave" main story event.

If you do not accept the deal, Johannes will tell you that you can get 30,000 gold off the red gem, which opens up the "Getting Your Money's Worth" side objective. Note: You cannot unlock the "Judith" event if you choose this option.


  • Unlock: Chapter 4 (Light/True Paths, after "Breaking into the Dark Company's Cave"), completed "Dark Company, Part 2" and chose to accept Judith's deal
  • Location: Secret Base (sidequest start), South Pier (sidequest completion)

If you accepted Judith's deal in "Dark Company, Part 2," after completing the mandatory story quest "Breaking into the Dark Company's Cave" in the Light/True paths, Johannes will still be in the room when everyone goes their separate ways. Speak to him, and he will inform Eirudy of a Dark Company's plot to ship smuggled goods via South Pier. Go to South Pier to encounter Judith and her crew, whom you fight off.

Eirudy will wait around even after Johannes leaves to get the proper amount of gold she deserved. After she gets the extra 20,000 gold, Eirudy leaves.

This side objective is necessary to get Judith on the final illustration. Furthermore, this will also make her appear in an ending cutscene.

Getting Your Money's Worth

  • Unlock: Chapter 4 (Light/True Paths, after "Breaking into the Dark Company's Cave"), completed "Dark Company, Part 2" and did not choose to accept Judith's deal
  • Location: Dark Company's Cave

If you did not take Judith's offer, you can go back to the Dark Company's Cave. The man at the gate will begrudgingly let you in, and then you can get 30,000 gold out of Judith.

The Last of RaymondEdit

The Last of Raymond

Raymond's last words

  • Unlock: Chapter 4 (Light/True Paths, after "Inside the Spring of Revgato" main story event)
  • Location: Shubeth Road → Shubeth Castle

After defeating Raymond at the root of the Spring of Revgato in Chapter 4, go up to Shubeth Road. You will see a number of defeated Shubethian soldiers. Take the path up to Shubeth Castle, and you will see a cutscene. Afterwards, Eirudy will immediately go back to Shubeth Road. Return to Shubeth Castle and approach Raymond.

Afterwards, you will gain the Blessing of Revgato accessory, and Raymond and Lize will appear in the final illustration.

Post-Game EventsEdit

See: Witch Spring 3/Post-Game