An update for Witch Spring 3 on January 25, 2018 added post-game content to the game, much like the ones of the previous two games. It adds an extended story, extra outfits, and new bosses and enemies. Post-game content can be accessed by completing the main story on either the Light or True paths.

However, there are some slight differences in the post-game depending on the path you went through. For example, the Training Schedule will temporarily be disabled on the Light path post-game (as Eirudy states she does not want to train anymore). You will regain access to it after completing the Pieberry and Justice event. On the True path, you will not encounter this and can train normally throughout the post-game.

Special DialogueEdit


Return to the spot where you first met Filia. She informs Eirudy that she has to gather berries because the Warriors don't pass by anymore, completely unaware of the end of the witch hunts.

If you acquire this dialogue before receiving the House Gifted From Adrian, Eirudy invites her to stay at her house, though Filia finds her combat dolls to be "creepy." In spite of it, Filia agrees to live in the Doll Storage, and gives Eirudy "Filia's Barren Staff" in return.

If you see this dialogue after acquiring the House Gifted From Adrian, Filia will instead move there.


Laaga will tell Eirudy that despite the lack of witch hunts, he will continue protecting Eileen until she becomes the lord of Marii's Spring.

Eileen and LukasEdit

The two of them can be found in the Temple of Marii, at the edge of the platform at the very top of the Temple. Eileen is in the middle of meditation, so Lukas informs Eirudy that all of her memories have returned. Eirudy and Eileen decide to play a game of "Magic Push."

Depending on Eirudy's stats, one of them will win; Eileen will offer to Eirudy to try again if Eirudy loses. If Eirudy wins, Eileen will gift her with "Eileen's Thorn Staff." Talk to her again at the platform with the staff and she will offer Eirudy another challenge: fight Laaga.


Velita can be found in Shubeth Village, near the entrance to the Lord's Mansion. She will have a conversation with Eirudy, but nothing else from it.


Lewis is in the right-hand chamber of the Shubeth Castle Prison (accessed from Shubeth Castle), where Eirudy was held in the Light path. He will have a conversation with Eirudy, but nothing else from it.

After you complete the Underground Prison event, if you return and talk to Lewis, he will give 80,000 Gold.


Enter the center chamber in the Temple of Morell. He will appear in a ball of light to speak to her. The light enters her and raises her stats by 10%.

If you have Holy Sword Armedak as your legendary weapon, you will enter combat against the ball of light instead (it has 1 HP). However, you need to have Armedak equipped in order to damage it. Afterwards, you will get True Armedak as a weapon.


Enter the Root of the Spring of Revgato. Lize will be waiting; approach him to converse with him, where he tells Eirudy that she is a pure-blooded deity and then instructs her to go to the Spring of Truth in Misty Forest. After seeing the vision at the spring, with Grandmother and her young self, return to the Root of Revgato to talk to Lize again. Afterwards, you will gain Revgato's Ring. Afterwards, Eirudy will also mention seeing the clothes she wore as a child, which she saw in the vision, in Grandmother's House.

Pieberry and JusticeEdit

After completing the Mahnil Island event, go to South Pier again. Eirudy will find Pieberry and Justice, who have arrived to visit Lady Esther regarding the Urphean Continent. This will lead to a long cutscene; after they leave, Adrian will return from Lehert. He will ask Eirudy to wait for him by the Eastern Gate, so leave Shubeth Village through the Eastern Gate. Walk a bit and then Eirudy will automatically walk up to the direction sign. Adrian will then arrive and initiate a long cutscene where he shows her a house he bought for her.

At one point in the cutscene, you will be able to control Eirudy when she searches for something in the house that Adrian insists is there. Go to the cabinet, and Eirudy finds the outfit Lalafan, which she changes into after some misunderstandings about etiquette. There is also a story illustration that is unlocked before Adrian leaves to go study, ending the event.


After completing the above event, you can find Pieberry in Dragontail (exit Shubeth Village through the southern entrance). Having lost track of Justice, Pieberry is pouting about his disappearance when Eirudy finds her and invites the other witch back to her house. Upon seeing Failur, Pieberry summons Black Joe, to his great displeasure. After an extended conversation, the event ends without anything else happening.

Johannes and JudithEdit

If you completed Judith's side-story and witnessed Johannes' trial at Mahnil Island, you can find Johannes again in the Ziv Mine - Secret Base. There, you can eavesdrop on a conversation between him and Judith. You will unlock three new story illustrations by doing so.

Village ChiefEdit

Talk to him and he will apologize to you and feel very sorry for betraying due to the previous event.

Grandmother's LetterEdit

If you visit Grandmother's House, you will find a letter on the third floor, where you picked up Prototype Warrie.


After finishing the Pieberry and Justice event and unlocking the House Gifted From Adrian, return to the Lord's Mansion. On the first floor, to the left of the butler, there is a new room that is a gallery of art (which is comprised of fan art submitted for the Witch Spring 3 fan art contest).

Go to the upper right side of the room and you will find Adrian. The two will converse about the painting he likes the most.

Monnet Edit

See the Special Battles section.


As with Witch Spring 2, Eirudy has free access to change between the outfits she wore in the main story, and can gain some more through events in post-game. Unlike the previous game, however, wearing certain clothes is necessary for unlocking some events.

White Battledress

Eirudy's original dress, and her default in the True path. It can be found at the very bottom of her inventory regardless of the path Eirudy took.

Temple Lord's Dress

Eirudy's outfit in the Light path. It can only be worn if you access post-game through the Light path.

Crow Dress

Eirudy's outfit that she wore in the Dark path (and before she is redeemed in the True path). It can only be worn if you access post-game through the True path.


Complete the Mahnil Island event, then walk up to Rafaelo and Sofia. She will automatically give you the dress.

Little White Dress

Complete the Lize event. Afterwards, Eirudy will mention seeing the dress in the vision in Grandmother's House. Go there, and there will be a glowing light in front of the cabinet on the second floor. Approach it to acquire this dress.(Not sure is bug or not, you are unable to train if you wear this dress. Tried and have been proven.)


During the Pieberry and Justice event, Adrian will gift Eirudy with a new house (sadly, it's a normal field area with no interactivity after this event). At one point, he will have Eirudy search the house for something. Go up to the cabinet, and Eirudy will find Lalafan. She will change into the outfit during the event as well.

New DollsEdit


If post-game is accessed through the Light path, Bernick can be acquired in post-game since he won't be acquired in the main game. Eirudy can find the basement key on a shelf in Grandmother's House. It has 14200 HP and will fill the Soul Stone with 30 Vitality after its defeat.

Bernick of Deep Shadow
You can return to the Basement and see Bernick. This will trigger a special event where you fight him again. Afterwards, Bernick will get an upgraded form.

New EquipmentEdit

Along with two new staves from Filia and Eileen, and a new sword from Sofia, there are also upgrades for existing weapons in the game.

True Armedak

With Holy Sword Armedak as your weapon, complete the Morell event. Go to the center of the Temple of Morell with Armedak equipped to fight the ball of light. Afterwards, you will get a 10% increase to all stats and acquire True Armedak.

Golden Za'rrel

In the Lehert Desert, you will find a giant blue-green scorpion. Defeat it, and the Lehert Village Chief will give you Golden Rare Metal. If you have the Khan Za'rrel, go back to the Weaponmaker's House and talk to Za'rrel the Weaponmaker. Hand over the Gold Rare Metal, and he will forge the Gold Za'rrel for you.

Sword Esteras

After completing the Mahnil Island and Pieberry events, go to Shubeth - Lord's Residence. The Justice and Sofia event will play. After defeating Justice, you will acquire Esteras.

Flaming Maegrik Blade

Kill the Maegrik Dragon in Southern Dragon Valley and it will drop a Maegrik's Horn. After you acquire the horn you will be able to craft the Flaming Maegrik Blade. (The Maegrik's Horn only drops once.)

Filia's Barren Staff

Complete Filia's event.

Eileen's Thorn Staff

Beat Eileen in the "Magic Push" event.

Revgato's Ring

Complete Lize's event.

New LocationsEdit

Some of these areas are entirely new locations, or are locations that could only be accessed in cutscenes during the main story.

Mahnil IslandEdit

Go to South Pier. If you completed the Judith side-story during the main game, Judith will be there, and informs Eirudy that Johannes is to be punished on Mahnil Island and offers her to accompany them. If Eirudy agrees, the ship will be attacked by a Nessie after Eirudy talks to Judith. It has 88000 HP and drops 670 Vitalty after its defeat. Afterwards, she will arrive on Mahnil Island and see Johannes standing before King Rafaelo and Princess Sofia for his trial.

If you did not complete the Judith side-story, you will not see Johannes' trial, but you can still travel to Mahnil Island. Regardless of whether you did or not, you can walk up to King Rafaelo and Princess Sofia. Sofia will give Eirudy the "Pinerame" dress.

After receiving Pinerame, Eirudy will automatically return to Derkarr and you cannot return to Mahnil Island.

The House Gifted From AdrianEdit

In Shubeth Village Eastern Gate, you will notice, if you go towards Adrian's secret entrance, a house that has suddenly appeared. You will not be able to enter until the Pieberry and Justice event, after which Adrian will show Eirudy the house. Afterwards, a teleport circle will be in the house, but nothing else inside is interactive.

If you acquire Filia's conversation after getting this house, she will move here instead of staying in Eirudy's basement.

Shubeth Castle PrisonEdit

This area is only seen in the Light path of the main story, but is now open in post-game regardless of route. Enter it through Shubeth Castle. Lewis will be in the right-hand room, while entering the left-hand room for the first time will trigger the Underground Prison event.

Lord's Residence - GalleryEdit

On the first floor of the Lord's Residence, a new room will open up (requires House From Adrian to be unlocked first?). The gallery features fan art submitted for the art contest in early January 2018, and walking up to each image allows you to see the full art. Eirudy has a comment for each piece.

There are a few differences in the gallery pieces shown between the Light path and the True path to avoid spoilers featuring the other path's alternate outfit (Temple Lord's Dress for the Light path and the Crow Dress for the True path). There are notably four less images for the Light path; in the True path's Gallery, there are three images on the wall seen when Eirudy enters the room, and another two along the wall that are left empty in the Light path's Gallery.

Special BattlesEdit


If you chose the Holy Sword Armedak as your legendary weapon in Chapter 2, visiting the Temple of Morell will trigger a battle against a ball of light with 1 HP. The only way to damage it is by having Armedak equipped as your weapon. After defeating it, True Armedak will be unlocked.

Gigantic ScorpionEdit

Upon entering the Lehert Desert for the first time in post-game, you will see a massive blue-green scorpion. Defeat it, and the Lehert Village Chief will walk up to Eirudy and hand her Golden Rare Metal. It can be used to forge Golden Za'rrel or sold for a large sum of gold.

Illusory LaagaEdit

While speaking to Laaga normally will only give you dialogue, after defeating Eileen in the Magic Push contest, speaking to her again will allow you to challenge an illusionary Laaga inside the Chamber of Patience. Laaga's stats scales to the player's, and defeating it will give Eirudy a 10% boost in stats.

Underground PrisonEdit

If you go to the left-hand chamber in the Shubeth Prison (through the door), you will encounter an event where monsters locked inside the underground level of the prison have started breaking free. Eirudy will volunteer to go down and handle the situation.

Entering the left-hand chamber in the basement, Eirudy will encounter an unnamed with 115000 HP. Continue into the top chamber, and Eirudy will encounter Crasher, whose stats vary based on Eirudy's. After defeating Crasher, return aboveground and talk to Lewis to get 80,000 Gold. You will not be able to return underground after this event is completed.


The first time you enter the Soul Cave, you will encounter Monnet and learn more about her origins. She will attack you for bringing up her father; she has 120,000 HP. After you defeat her, she will leave.

Justice and SofiaEdit

With the Pinerame dress in your inventory, after finishing Pieberry's special dialogue event above, walk to the entrance to the Lord's Residence. Justice and Sofia will be there, and she will make Justice duel Eirudy so Eirudy can win the Great Sword Esteras, which is the accompaniment to Pinerame. Justice has 33230 HP.